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Chapter 180: You Think That I’m Protecting Her?

Mu Gu’s blatant lie spinning finally sent the reporters on their way. After all the reporters had dispersed from the scene, Mu Gu walked towards Gu Yanhao with an arm around the hot young woman,, while Song Wuyou’s eyes were on the woman’s thighs.

On the woman’s fair skin, the obvious tattoo looked conspicuous. Her eyes traveled up, studying the woman. The woman wore full armorㅡthick, heavy makeup, alluring and charming at the same time, smiling as she looked back at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou frowned. Such thick makeup… once removed, who would be able to recognise her?

“Ah Hao, how are you going to thank me?” Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes were full of mirth and teasing.

But Gu Yanhao still glared at Mu Gu coldly, “Why should I thank you?”

Mu Gu looked back at Gu Yanhao grievously, claiming, “I helped to clear your wife’s name.”

Gu Yanhao scoffed with impatience, “I can do that without you.”

So what if her name wasn’t clear? In his heart, Song Wuyou was always pure.

“Truly good intentions are never appreciated.” Mu Gu sighed, crestfallen, before turning sunny again the next moment. Looking at Song Wuyou, Mu Gu whistled, “Wuyou, I helped clear your name, treat me to a meal, okay?”

“O…” kay.

“Not free!” Gu Yanhao held Song Wuyou’s hand. Brushing past Mu Gu he stated authoritatively: “She needs to eat with me!”

Mu Gu trailed happily behind them, “We can all eat together~~”

Gu Yanhao rejected Mu Gu without mercy, “You’d better accompany your ‘girlfriend.’ I don’t need you to be a spotlight beside me.”

“Sigh, Ah Hao, you jerk, there’s no benefits at all in being your friend. It’s better if I go spend my time with the ladies.”

Mu Gu was spouting a mouthful of nonsense, but the look in his eyes darkened while watching Song Wuyou’s backㅡ

Song Wuyou got into Gu Yanhao’s car. While putting on her seatbelt she asked, “Why didn’t you reveal the woman was Song Jiuyue to the reporters?”  Did he care about Song Jiuyue’s reputation or…

Gu Yanhao shifted his body slightly, facing her, “What about you? Would you have said it was her?”

“I’m asking you, why are you turning the question back to me?” Song Wuyou looked at him coldly.

Gu Yanhao leaned forward, eyes looking at her seriously, “You think it’s because I’m concerned about her?” Can’t she look at him with a little more affection? Always cold and indifferent…. it made Gu Yanhao’s heart extremely uncomfortable.

With his body leaning closer, all she breathed in was the scent of him. She moved back a little, a derisive sneer on her face, “What has it got to do with me whether you’re protecting her or not?”

“How can it not be related to you?” Gu Yanhao pinched her chin gently, “You’re my wife.”

“Hehe…” Song Wuyou’s laugh sounded ironic.

Gu Yanhao looked at her with an inquiring expression. A long moment passed in silence before he spoke, “Song Wuyou, I did not disclose who the woman in the video happens to be, not because I was trying to protect or care about anyone. Secretary Zhang already located the IP address where the video was uploaded. That person has admitted it was Song Jiumei who paid him and instructed him to do so. Both Song Jiumei and that person, I will ensure both of them are punished by law.”


“In this matter, both you and Song Jiuyue are innocent victims. You’re my wife,  whereas Song Jiuyue is my employee. I have an obligation to protect my wife and my employee’s name and reputation.”

Ripples of surprise crossed Song Wuyou’s heart upon hearing this. She didn’t expect him to be such a responsible manㅡ (TN: Euw, this paragraph didn’t sit well with me!)

Gu Yanhao lowered his head, gently knocking his forehead against hers. Song Wuyou was taken aback, staring into his eyes in surprise. What is he trying to do now?  Was he going to kiss her again? As this thought flashed across her mind, Song Wuyou shrunk her neck.

Gu Yanhao merely looked as his husky voice comforted her, “Therefore, don’t feel jealous, okay?”

Song Wuyou frowned, finding his words funny. Jealous?

Was she jealous? Please note she wasn’t jealous at all!

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