ENH C181

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Chapter 181:  She’s Not Jealous, He’s Depressed

If she was jealous, if she minded, according to her recent demeanor, wouldn’t she just reveal everything before that mob of reporters earlier?

His warm breath blew against Song Wuyou’s face, making her feel itchy. At the same time, her heart seemed to pump at an accelerated pace.  Song Wuyou put on a calm demeanor and pushed him away without a second thought, “I’m not jealous!”

Pursing her lips, she added, “I know the video wasn’t spread by Song Jiuyue. No matter how much I dislike her, I won’t degrade her this way because I’m not some despicable villain.”

“Really?” An eyebrow arched up in question. He knew she was a venomous woman, regardless of her arrogant and proud character in the past.


Failing to see her jealous expression made Gu Yanhao somewhat depressed. He straightened himself, preparing to start the car.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Whatever…” As an afterthought, she added, “Let’s bring Xu Jing with us?”

Gu Yanhao actually sent her a glare, “Bring her for what?”

Song Wuyou looked at him as if he was a fool. Fine, we won’t take Xu jing with us. Was it necessary to look at her like that? In fact, she and Xu Jing were supposed to go out and have porridge together….

Song Jiuyue didn’t feel well, and took half a day’s leave from the office. She didin’t know how she managed to drive home on her own. Even after arriving back home, she seemed lost and confused. Just as she stepped into the living room, she heard Song Jiumei’s complacent snickers sounding ever so carefree.  Noticing her presence, both Mrs. Song and Song Jiumei turned towards her.

“Jiuyue, aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Mrs. Song asked with concern. Young Master Gu can’t have fired her daughter because Song Wuyou fell into the sea, could he?

“I took half a day’s leave…”  Song Jiuyue was staring at Song Jiumei, answering in a  weak voice.

Song Jiumei considerately walked up to hold Song Jiuyue’s arm, “Dajie, are you feeling unwell?”

“…….” Song Jiumei got an icy look as answer. Song Jiumei was extremely happy with the comments people left on the internet about Song Wuyou’s video. Hooking Song Jiuyue’s arm with her own, she chirped happily, “Dajie, let me tell you some wonderful news: Song Wuyou’s dead this time!”


“I found an IT expert, who put Song Wuyou’s face on your video, now…!”



Triggered, Song Jiuyue’s hand reached out and smacked Song Jiumei right across her face.

“Jiuyue, have you gone mad?!” Mrs. Song was frightened by Song Jiuyue’s sudden action.

Dajie…” Song Jiumei clutched one side of her face where a burning pain pulsated underneath her palm, looking at Song Jiuyue with a wronged and confused expression, “Why did you hit me?”

“You deserve to be hit!” Song Jiuyue was off her lid, anger distorted her face as she glowered at Song Jiumei with twisted rage, “You think you’re so clever, so flawless! You nearly threw me under the bus, did you know that?!”

“What did I do? I wouldn’t do anything that would damage you.” Song Jiumei was so frustrated she stamped her feet angrily and went to complain to Mrs. Song, “Mom, Dajie is slandering me.”

Seeing the harsh five-finger print mark on Song Jiumei’s face, Mrs. Song felt her heart ache. She looked angrily at Song Jiuyue, “Jiuyue, whatever it is, talk nicely with your sister. Why do you need to get physical.”

“If I don’t smack her, will she wake up? Song Jiumei, do you think both Young Master Gu and Song Wuyou are idiots? You think that by putting Song Wuyou’s face over mine, everything will happen as you planned?” Song Jiuyue roared at Song Jiumei, “Do you know what I’ve been through today?”

She had never experienced a day in her life like today, standing at the edge where she might just fall any moment.

Mrs. Song was lost and confused.

Song Jiumei did not feel she acted wrongly even after being scolded by Song Jiuyue, and retorted angrily at Song Jiuyue, “I know Young Master Gu is no fool, but I can’t stand that snobbish look on Song Wuyou’s face!”

“You can’t stand her snobbish look?! I don’t care! Why pull me into the mess! If it wasn’t for Mu Gu appearing at the right moment, the entire M City would know the woman in the video is me!”

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