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Chapter 182: Go Apologize to Song Wuyou!

“Why would they believe that woman is you?!” Song Jiumei only felt she was extremely wronged in the matter.

Seeing her attitude, Song Jiuyue’s anger erupted once more, wanting to give her another smack. Giving her a vicious glare, Song Jiuyue forced herself to take a deep breath and calm down. Her tone was icy, “It’s better that you think of a way to appease Song Wuyou for this matter.”

Song Jiumei, still clutching her burning face,  glared at Song Jiuyue, “You’re telling me to go apologize to Song Wuyou?”

Mrs. Song also hated Song Wuyou. Every time she saw Song Wuyou’s face, she couldn’t help being reminded of that fox that seduced her husband, Yang Xiaolan.

“Why must Jiumei go  apologize to that slut Song Wuyou?”

Song Jiuyue looked at the two women, unable to suppress the sarcasm in her voice, “I think you don’t know Young Master Gu very well. He brought up the subject of privacy and reputation in front of the reporters. I believe he already found the person who uploaded the video. Next, Young Master Gu will apply legal procedures to prosecute you. Song Jiumei, you’d better be prepared.”

At Song Jiuyue’s words, Song Jiumei’s face paled. The arrogance and stubborn pride vanished from her face as fear took over.

She stared blankly at Song Jiuyue, wanting assurance, “He told you that?”

“That’s right!” One of the things Song Jiuyue hated most was that superior look Song Jiumei showed, as if she was the cleverest woman in the entire world.

“Why didn’t you plead for me?” Song Jiumei’s eyes contained blame.

“Why should I plead on your behalf?” Song Jiuyue was so triggered from being taken for granted that her voice rose, “It was enough that he didn’t expose me, why should I help you?!”

“…………” Song Jiumei stiffened.

“What kind of expression is this? You’re still unwilling?” Song Jiuyue’s anger rose to a new level by Song Jiumei’s face, “Don’t think so highly of yourself. If Song Wuyou refuses to forgive you, be prepared to go to jail.”

Song Wuyou sat hugging her knees, sitting next to the window while looking out silently. The sky was already dark, dots of tiny starlights twinkled above. Whenever she recalled the scene in her office where Gu Yanhao kissed her, her heartbeat seemed to be louder than ever, as if there was a deer bumping around inside.  Her delicate fingers softly traced her lips, as if there was a faint scent of Gu Yanhao remaining. This faint scent was enough to rouse a sweetness in her heart.

Oh God, oh God, why did her heartbeat quicken? Song Wuyou patted her chest, drawing a deep breath in.

“Think no more about it.” She shook her head as if she could shake those unwanted thoughts out of her head. There were so many things she could think of, why must she think about Gu Yanhao kissing her?

“Don’t think about what?” Gu Yanhao’s rich mellow voice sounded beside her.

Song Wuyou was startled, turning around to glower at him, “Do you want to scare me to death?”

Gu Yanhao was holding a tray with a small ceramic pot of soup. Watching Song Wuyou’s exaggerated reaction, his eyebrow arched up singularly, asking again, “What were you thinking about?”

“Why must I tell you?” There was no way in a million years she would admit she was thinking about his kiss.

“Come over and drink soup.” Gu Yanhao moved to the patio, where a table and two small chairs were placed.

“What soup is that?”

“I especially made it for you.” It was double-boiled for more than two hours.

Song Wuyou scrunched her brows in disbelief, “You made it for me?”

Gu Yanhao looked up, eyes narrowed, “Are you coming over or not?”

Song Wuyou leaped down from the window seat. Watching her movements, Gu Yanhao only felt the way she jumped down was perfectly out of this world.

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