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Chapter 183: “This Is My First Time Making Soup For A Woman”

His lips were faintly arching up on his chiseled face. Song Wuyou walked over, gracefully taking her place on the remaining chair.  She took a peek at the soup inside the ceramic soup jar and then at him, “For no rhyme or reason, you’re suddenly making soup for me?”

Gu Yanhao sat opposite her. Truth be told, this was his first time making soup for a woman. Being asked directly, Gu Yanhao was embarrassed to say the words in his heart. In the end, he gave Song Wuyou a look that was neither cold nor warm, saying, “I made it for you, just drink it, why so many questions?”

“Beware of the Weasel that comes bearing New Year gifts for the Chicken, they’re sure to be harboring ill-intentions.” Song Wuyou muttered under her breath. The original Song Wuyou was married to him for three years, he had never even poured her a glass of plain water.

“You’re not a chicken and I’m not a weasel.” Gu Yanhao nearly snapped, his face blacker than the bottom of a pot.

“………” That was just a proverb, okay?

Gu Yanhao indicated the ceramic soup jar on the table with his chin, “Black Chicken Chrysanthemum Soup.”

“………..” Song Wuyou scrutinized the soup suspiciously; will it be nice?

“I found the recipe on Baidu. It says this soup is good for women with cold hands and feet.” Gu Yanhao lowered his head after saying that, trying to conceal the awkward shyness he felt.

Something tugged at Song Wuyou’s chord at his words. Because her hands and feet were cold, he made this soup?

Song Wuyou blinked a couple of times. Her clear eyes were even more enchanting, her pupils a captivating black. A faint smile curved up at the corner of her lips, “You’re bewitched by my charms.”

The tips of Gu Yanhao’s ears turned red. Glaring at her he snapped, “Isn’t it normal for a husband to be enamored of his wife? Drink it quickly!”

Song Wuyou’s head lowered as her hand scooped up some soup with a spoon. Her brows scrunched together instantly: It tasted bad!

Gu Yanhao was watching nervously. Seeing that she swallowed some, he asked, “How is it? How’s the taste?”

Song Wuyou looked at him. Looking at his eyes that seemed brighter than the twinkling stars in the night sky, the belittling words became stuck in her throat.

Inexplicably, she answered, “It’s alright. It would taste better if you added a few slices of ginger.”

“Ginger slices?” Gu Yanhao wasn’t someone familiar with the kitchen.

Watching his stumped expression, Song Wuyou laughed, “Don’t you know that adding ginger slices to soup makes it taste better?”

“Don’t know.” Gu Yanhao shook his head. Pursing his lips a few times, he stated: “This is my first time making soup.”

Song Wuyou froze for a second.

“My first time making soup for a woman.” Gu Yanhao faced Song Wuyou seriously as he spoke.

“…………” Song Wuyou’s heart was entangled, complicated. She continued to look at Gu Yanhao quietly. Underneath the light, his face was clear as day. Those chiseled features, when serious, he looked even more handsome.

Obsidian eyes akin to a bottomless lake with a magnetic pull… a mere second of negligence and you’ll find yourself lost in them. Unable to be free again.


Song Wuyou quickly lowered her head, eating the chicken soup as if nothing happened. She had told herself time and again that she cannot let him into her heart. She must suppress the original host’s obsessive love towards this man, it cannot be allowed to seep out again.

The man she loved in the past life had four wives and three concubines[1]. In this life, the man she loves cannot have Lil’ Three[2]. After having experienced two lives, she preferred not have be hurt because of ‘love.’

One spoonful after the other, and soon, Song Wuyou had finished half of the soup Gu Yanhao brought over. It truly was… hard to stomach, thus Song Wuyou no longer forced herself. She put the spoon down, pulled some tissues and dabbed at the corners of her mouth with elegant and precise actions.

Watching that, Gu Yanhao swiftly asked, “Not drinking anymore?”

“I can’t drink more.”

Gu Yanhao looked into the ceramic jar, “There’s still a lot left.”

“When you make it the next time, remember not to add so much water.”

“En.”Gu Yanhao actually nodded obediently.



[1] four wives and three concubines- meaning man in the Olden Days have many, many women (concubines) other than the first wife (legal wife) (EN: Olden days? Try last Tuesday. Men still think this is okay.)

[2] Lil Three (Xiaosan) – is a term referring to third party in a relationship.

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