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Chapter 185: With A Tumble, Pressing Her Body Under…

“I’m not sleeping in the same bed with you!”

Such a big lump next to her, she won’t be able to sleep at all.

“Song Wuyou, how long have we been married?” Gu Yanhao suddenly asked.

“What’s up?” Song Wuyou glared sternly at him.

Gu Yanhao looked at her with a faint smile on his lips, “You married me at nineteen, now you’re almost twenty-two.”

“So what?”

“We’ve been married for almost three years. How much of that time was spent in the same bed?”

“………..” Song Wuyou blanked.

“At most, it doesn’t exceed two times.”

“…………” Song Wuyou’s heart sank. Both times were because ‘she’ spiked his drink… If it weren’t for ‘her’ using drugs, they probably wouldn’t have slept together even once.

“I want us to live like normal couples.” Gu Yanhao tightened his embrace.

You want to live like that, then we have to do it?! This aunt is not interested!

Song Wuyou suddenly flashed him a brilliant smile, “Do you really want it like that?”

“Want…” Gu Yanhao was charmed into a daze by her smile.

Song Wuyou smiled charmingly as she removed the hand he had around her waist, then, she lifted her leg. Before she could execute a kick, Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out and firmly pressed her leg down.  The warmth in the man’s eyes increased, his mouth arching in a smug smile as he looked at her, “Song Wuyou, the same trick doesn’t work on me twice.” Wanting to kick him off the bed?

Song Wuyou’s face grew flushed as  she glared at him in anger: “Gu Yanhao, let go!”

“Not letting!” With a tumble, Gu Yanhao pressed her down under him.

Song Wuyou panicked at the situation, quickly struggling to get up: “Don’t mess around!”

“I won’t mess around. Why would I mess around?”

“If you’re not messing around, why are you taking off my nightgown?…

Gu Yanhao, you bastard! Why are you touching me here?!”

Xu Jing wore the Gu Group’s uniform as she went to Song Wuyou’s room. Seeing Song Wuyou still sleeping with the quilt covering her head, Xu Jing asked, “Miss, why aren’t you awake yet? Young Master Gu is waiting for you downstairs to eat breakfast.”

Hearing Gu Yanhao’s name, Song Wuyou’s face blushed hotly.

“I was forced upon.” Song Wuyou wrapped the quilt tightly around herself.

“Ah?” Xu Jing couldn’t make head or tails of that sentence, so please forgive her slow reaction.

Song Wuyou shot Xu Jing a woeful eye. Forget it, it’s useless to say these things to Xu Jing.

“You go out first, I’ll be there down soon.”

“Oh…” Xu Jing finally reacted after she left the room. She was stunned at first before it turned into a sheepish grin. Heihei, so Miss was loved-loved by Young Master Gu.

Song Wuyou got out of the bed, the soreness in her waist and back making her frown. That Gu Yanhao was a total beast!

After washing and changing into work attire, Song Wuyou went downstairs. Before she reached the living hall, she heard some noises. Straining her ears to make things out, her eyebrows rose curiously; Song Jiumei’s voice? Quickly increasing her pace, her hands trailed the curved handrail of the staircase, coming into the living hall.

In the living hall, both Song Jiumei and Song Nan were there, whereas Gu Yanhao sat like a cold, ruthless Emperor on the sofa, phoenix eyes narrowed, eyebrows arched up with amusement.

His eyes never left her since she came into view. Recalling her sweet taste last night, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help curving up.

Song Jiumei was extremely perceptive of Gu Yanhao, immediately noticing the slight tilt on his lips the moment Song Wuyou appeared. Jealousy reared its head, but she dared not show it.

Seeing Song Wuyou, she put on a pitiful expression, calling out: “Wuyou…” That on-the-edge-of-crying voice made Song Wuyou shudder.

Song Nan, on the other hand, frowned slightly upon noticing that Song Wuyou was dressed in Gu Group’s work attire, which suited her. Eyes on her, a picture of Yang Xiaolan’s slender figure appeared in his mind.

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