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Chapter 186: Abuse Dog, Eye Piercing

Song Wuyou looked at Song Jiumei suspiciously; what evil plan is she scheming now?

Song Jiumei stood directly at the end of the staircase, blocking Song Wuyou’s path. “Wuyou, I’m sorry, you forgive me, okay?!” Song Jiumei was all red and teary-eyed.

Song Wuyou pretended that she had no idea what was happening. facing Song Jiumei with an innocent, confused expression, “Forgive you for what? What did you do that you’d have to be sorry to me?”

Song Jiumei looked dazedly at Song Wuyou, “I shouldn’t have uploaded that video to the internet, causing you to lose your reputation.”

Song Wuyou was ‘full of surprise’ at Song Jiumei’s confession: “It was you?”

Song Wuyou’s reaction made Song Jiumei even more lost and confused tears swimming in her eyes, she tested Song Wuyou: “You didn’t know?”

Instead, Song Wuyou raised her eyes towards Gu Yanhao. Watching Song Wuyou’s what-is-happening expression as she sought Gu Yanhao’s face, Song Jiumei was bewildered.  This slut didn’t know the person behind that video was her? Then why did Song Jiuyue make her come over here to apologize to this whore?

“Come here.” Gu Yanhao waved his hand at Song Wuyou, and Song Wuyou obediently walked over with elegant steps, sidestepping Song Jiumei.  Noticing that her feet were bare, his face darkened: “Why didn’t you put on slippers?”

Song Nan’s eyes subconsciously swept across Song Wuyou’s feet after hearing Gu Yanhao’s words. Her legs were petite and fair, her toes were round like grains of white pearls.

“It’s summer now; walking barefoot feels comfortable.” Song Wuyou said.

“Ah De.” Gu Yanhao summoned.

Ah D, positioned close to the door, hurried forward. He looked at Gu Yanhao whilst thinking: please don’t say Young Master wants him to put shoes on the Young Madame?

“Buy good quality carpet, and lay it throughout the house.”

Ah De blanked for a moment before swiftly answering: “Yes, Young Master!”

“You dislike carpets, no?” Song Wuyou asked, facing him.

Gu Yanhao stood up, gently pulling her down to sit on the sofa, even pointing at her feet and commanding: “Lift your legs, your feet cannot touch the floor.”

“……….” Song Wuyou behaved and did as he ordered, bending her knees up and putting her feet at the edge of the seat. When all was done, she blinked her clear bright eyes at Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao’s long legs strode over to where their shoes were kept. There were two cabinets, one for him, and the other for her. Opening Song Wuyou’s shoe cabinet, he found that it was empty inside except for three pairs of shoes. His indifferent eyes darkened. In the end, he reached for a pair of flat sandals and returned to the sofa.

Song Wuyou bought this pair of sandals herself: flat, light brown in color, and really comfortable. However, at the moment, surprise flitted in Song Wuyou’s eyes; His Noble Excellency Young Master Gu actually carried her shoes over to her? Not only that, he even put them on for her.

Song Wuyou’s face blushed red instantly. Her eyes lowered, surprise still obvious as her bright eyes searched Gu Yanhao’s face. He knelt on a single knee in front of her, one hand holding a shoe while the other hand held her foot. His actions were gentle, yet it looked natural as he put the shoes on for her.

An act that seemingly lessened one’s status yet, being carried out by him, was that touching and noble. Song Wuyou’s pathetic heart once again skipped a beat.

Song Nan pursed his lips. Seeing Gu Yanhao treating Song Wuyou so nicely, he was in a dilemma as to how he felt about it.

Abuse dog, eye piercing.

Song Jiumei had tears in her eyes with a sorry and pitiful expression, but her heart collapsed a while back. She had never gotten out of bed so early, specifically coming over here to apologise to Song Wuyou, admitting her mistake, and the two of them actually ignored her like invisible air?

Jealous ah! Hate ah!

Song Jiumei was extremely unwilling. She walked up and was about to speak but Song Nan’s sharp glare made her stop her actions abruptly.

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