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Chapter 187: A Lot of Things, He Did Notice.

“These shoes aren’t of good quality.” Gu Yanhao commented casually , taking a seat next to her after putting the sandals on her feet.

“I like this style, it’s very comfortable.” Song Wuyou protested.

Gu Yanhao studied her curiously, “I remember you liked ten inch high heels., Why aren’t those shoes there in the shoe cabinet anymore?”

“I just don’t feel like wearing high-heeled shoes suddenly.” He even noticed this? A tiny crease appeared between Song Wuyou’s brows. It seems he noticed a lot of things related to the original host. Including which date her monthly period falls on…

Gu Yanhao reached out to hold Song Wuyou’s hands, placing them on his lap. Looking at her in a pampered manner he promised, “Another day when we’re free, I’ll get you even more comfortable shoes.”

“I don’t want high heels.”

“Won’t buy high heels.”


“Ah Hao…” Seeing them determined to ignore him and Song Jiumei, Song Nan finally called out Gu Yanhao’s name, albeit a little embarrassed.

Gu Yanhao turned around, slowly looking at Song Nan. When his eyes left Song Wuyou’s face they became cold and indifferent.

“Something the matter?” Gu Yanhao’s asked in his usual glacial tones.

“………..” This innocent question made Song Nan feel like his face was thrown down the drain: extremely awkward. He had stated their purpose coming here the moment he arrived, but now Cu Yanhao is asking if something’s the matter?

Song Nan knew Gu Yanhao was doing it deliberately. “Jiumei ordered people to, that video…”

Gu Yanhao retrieved his cold gaze, turning back to Song Wuyou. It was obvious Song Wuyou’s face became sullen the second she heard the word ‘video.’

Gu Yanhao spoke coldly, “I’ve investigated the matter and found the IP address of the uploader, placing him in custody. That person won’t disclose who the person behind was no matter what, but since you took the initiative to come clean on your own…” Gu Yanhao paused, sharp eyes piercing Song Jiumei.

When Song Jiumei’s gaze collided with his, her heart hung in the air. Her shining eyes looked expectantly at him. Is he going to let matter go seeing that she came to apologize, and then forgive her?

Gu Yanhao paused on purpose. Even Song Nan’s heart hung in the air waiting for the rest of the sentence nervously.

“I’ll let my lawyer handle this matter.”

Song Jiumei shuddered hearing that. Song Wuyou smiled a faint smile, satisfied with Gu Yanhao’s performance.

“Ah Hao, what do you mean?” Song Nan asked urgently. Let his lawyer handle this matter? Didn’t that mean telling his daughter toㅡ

“Song Jiumei violated my wife’s honor and reputation, so she should be responsible for the consequences.” Gu Yanhao looked coldly at Song Nan.

Song Nan’s hands clenched and unclenched. There was pleading in his voice as he begged, “Can you, for Wuyou’s sake, not pursue this matter with Jiumei?”

“What do you think?” Gu Yanhao smiled at Song Wuyou.

Song Nan and Song Jiumei’s line of sight fell on Song Wuyou with a whoosh.

“It’s going to be whatever I say?” Song Wuyou asked.

“Of course.” Gu Yanhao’s voice sounded loving and gentle.

“Wuyou, Jiumei is your elder sister ah.” Song Nan was afraid Song Wuyou would take Gu Yanhao’s side, quickly reminding her.

This sentence nearly made Song Wuyou scoff aloud. She looked at Song Nan, “When did she ever treat me as her sister?”

Song Nan: “………….”

“If she really thought of me as her sister, do you think there would be the issue of this video today?”

Song Nan shot Song Jiumei a reprimanding blaming eye, before bowing and apologizing to Song Wuyou, “This is all Daddy’s fault for not teaching her well, I’ll definitely educate her well when we return.”

“The last time she failed to drug me, even turning black into white, falsely accusing me of drugging her instead. At that time you also said you will educate her when you go back. Just how many days passed and she already pay people to photoshop a video to ruin me. Daddy, you’re too partial ah. I know none of you like me, but no matter what, my surname is also Song. Your blood runs in my veins, can you really act so biased? If you dislike me, you shouldn’t have brought me back to the Song Villa. You could have sent me to an orphanage. At least I’d have a chance with my foster parents. You brought me back to Song Villa, with neither care nor concern, allowing these two sisters and a stepmom to bully me…” Song Wuyou felt wronged and pitiful as she said all this, her eyes inexplicably turning red.

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