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Chapter 188: I Have A Responsibility To Protect My Wife

Song Nan felt his face burning with shame. If he knew earlier that one day she would get Gu Yanhao’s love and favor, even if someone killed him, he wouldn’t treat her with such indifference.

Gu Yanhao clasped Song Wuyou’s hand firmly, eyes looking deeply at her. Ever since she started clinging to him every where he went, he knew her situation at home and her position in Song Family.

“Wuyou, the truth is… the truth is that  it wasn’t me who hired people to upload that video online.” Song Jiumei said, stuttering in a cowardly fashion.

“You just admitted it with your own mouth.” Song Wuyou raised her head, her obvious dislike evident as she looked at Song Jiumei.

“I… I was too impulsive…”

“Too impulsive? Meaning you don’t want to admit it now? Whatever you’ve said earlier has already been recorded.” Gu Yanhao looked up, eyes staring down on Song Jiumei with unprecedented iciness.

Song Jiumei trembled, her heart bleeding as if it had been cut by a razor sharp knife. The way Young Master Gu looked at her was scary! Why does he treat her this way? She asked herself as she turned a pleading look towards Song Nan.

Song Nan glared at her sharply before pulling a complacent face at Gu Yanhao, like he was trying to coax a three-year-old little kid, “Ah Hao, Jiumei is wayward, forgive her this time, okay?”

Gu Yanhao arched an eyebrow as he turned to Song Wuyou. When Song Wuyou’s gaze met his, her heart skipped a beat. Recalling the scenes from the night before, a pink blush colored her cheeks. Sensing her shyness, Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved into a perfect, charming smile.

“Stupid woman.” Gu Yanhao poked her nose playfully.

Again, the dogs were ignored and abused. Song Nan was awkwardly embarrassed while Song Jiumei was jealous and envious at the same time.

“Ah Hao, I can guarantee things of this nature will never happen again in the future!” Regardless of Gu Yanhao ignoring him, Song Nan vowed in a sonorous voice.

Gu Yanhao smiled faintly at Song Nan, “Do you want Song Jiumei to be punished according to the law, or do you want the public to know that the woman in the video us Song Jiuyue?”

Song Nan’s face dramatically turned ashen: “This…” He never thought Gu Yanhao would sweep his face like this. No matter what, Song Wuyou was his daughter, and he was his father-in-law. Didn’t he know that the father-in-law is bigger than the sky?

Both the palm and back of the hand was his flesh[1], Song Nan was in dilemma with the options. However, put on a scale, Song Nan leans more towards Song Jiuyue.

At this moment, Song Jiumei was smart. She knew full well that Song Nan would choose to protect Song Jiuyue and not her, therefore she knelt down with a ‘plomp’, approaching Song Wuyou on her knees, crying and sobbing simultaneously, “Wuyou, I was wrong. Forgive me! I cannot be taken by the police, I really cannot…”

Locking her up, then they might as well take her life.

Song Wuyou’s gaze was cold as she looked at her. Recalling how Song Jiumei treated the original host, she really didn’t want to forgive her. Frowning, she looked at Gu Yanhao.

As if knowing her thoughts and inner struggle, Gu Yanhao glared at Song Jiumei, snapping: “It’s useless!”

“…….” Song Jiumei shook visibly. She raised her teary eyes at Gu Yanhao.

However, Gu Yanhao only grew colder, “Wuyou would forgive you because you’re her sister, but I will not.”


“I have a responsibility to protect my wife, so you should suffer the consequences of your actions.”

“………….” Song Jiumei’s water works was unleashed, her heart pained greatly that Young Master Gu would treat her this way…

“Song Jiumei, don’t think I don’t know how you used to bully and frame Wuyou!” Gu Yanhao continued. Then he ignored Song Jiumei and turned to Song Nan, “Take your daughter back. Wait for my lawyer to get in touch with you!”

“……….” These words were no different than the sky falling down on Song Jiumei’s world, like the leaves in autumn.



[1] Palm and back of the hand (was his flesh) -referring to both Song Jiumei and Song Jiuyue were both his beloved daughter (flesh)

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