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Chapter 189: Song Wuyou Is the Former President’s Daughter?

“Ah Hao…” Song Nan pleaded on behalf of Song Jiumei.

“Go out!” Gu Yanhao’s expression was extremely icy as he faced Song Nan.

Song Nan felt as if a bucket of icy water had been poured down his back. As he took in Gu Yanhao’s expression, he no longer dared to speak another word. In the end, he opted to glower fiercely at Song Jiumei: “What are you waiting for here? Scram back to the house!”

Having a daughter like this, really shamed him back to his ancestor’s grave!

Song Jiumei was truly frightened this time. The only thing that ran through her mind as a single thought was: ”Cannot go to jail, cannot go to jail..” Song Nan’s angry words failed to even register in her brain.Seeing her lost and confused face, Song Nan was a storm of hate and anger. Striding up, he dragged Song Jiumei out of the house by the hand.

Song Wuyou shifted her position on the sofa, eyes cold as she watched the two people leaving. Gu Yanhao wrapped his arm around her shoulder, inquiring softly, “What are you thinking?”

Song Wuyou turned to him, studying his face for a second before answering, “Nothing.”

“Let’s go eat breakfast.”

“En.”  Both of them stood up, and this time Ah De hurried to Gu Yanhao’s side.

“Young Master,” Ah De gave Gu Yanhao a ‘meaningful’ look, (T/N: Haha, this sentence is borderline BL) given that this pair of master-servant has great synergy. Gently caressing Song Wuyou’s hair, his voice husky and low he said, “You go in first, I’ll be there shortly.”

“En.” Song Wuyou nodded. She had zero interest in things between Gu Yanhao and Ah De.

After Song Wuyou went into the dining hall, Ah De passed his mobile to Gu Yanhao, explaining briefly: “Email from the hospital. The results from the blood tests for the Young Madame and the ex-President’s son are out.”

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao swiftly took the mobile from Ah De’s hand, his eyes narrowing as he read. Although he had expected this result, when the result was right in his face, Gu Yanhao’s heart still tightened.

Ah De looked at Gu Yanhao, “Young Master, Young Madame and Ban Jiayu’s relationship is confirmed by the report, then Ban Jianing…?”

Gu Yanhao returned the mobile to Ah De: “Destroy the report.”

Ah De nodded: “En!”

A brief silence ensued, then Gu Yanhao asked, “How is Ban Jianing’s condition?”

“Extremely bad. According to the hospital staff, he has been screaming that someone wants to kill him for the last few days. He lives every day in anxiety and fear, and he even has the tendency to self-mutilate. He refuses to see anyone, and he’s going without meals for several days at a time.”

Gu Yanhao’s thick brows locked tightly together, the look in his eyes deepened yet no one could guess what was going on in his mind.

As an afterthought, Ah De hesitated before speaking, “Young Master, I made a presumptuous action on my own, sending in a strand of Ban Jianing’s hair to be tested with Mrs. Jier’s. The result of that report is also out.”

The frown on Gu Yanhao’s face deepened at that. Putting on a haughty demeanor, his phoenix eyes narrowed into slits as he stated his guess: “Ban Jianing is Mrs. Jier and the ex-President’s son?”

Ah De nodded again: “Yes.”

“If this is so, this Mrs. Jier actually could do things to this extent, without the slightest concern for her son?”

Ah De thought for a moment, “It could be because she wanted to protect her status in the Cheng Family, or perhaps it was a way to protect Ban Jianing’s life.”

Out of the blue, a smile appeared on Gu Yanhao’s face: “Mrs. Jier is so fecund.”

Ah De: “………..” Didn’t the topic change a little too fast?

Gu Yanhao patted Ah De’s shoulder, instructing: “Destroy all reports!”

Ah De nodded: “Understood, Young Master.”

By the time Gu Yanhao walked into the dining hall, Song Wuyou was at the end of her breakfast. Seeing him appearing, Xu Jing moved like the wind to lay out his breakfast on the table.

Looking at the plate of bacon, and the bowl of fresh shrimp porridge as well as fresh fruits on the table, Gu Yanhao glanced at Xu Jing saying, “You don’t have to cook after this.”

Both Song Wuyou and Xu Jing were puzzled as they looked at him.

Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou and said, “I hired a nutrition expert; that person will handle all the daily meals.”



  1. Ban Jiayu- the ex-President’s name.
  2. Ban Jianing – the ex-President’s youngest son which was kept in the mental hospital.


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