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Chapter 19: Song Wuyou, not only You Have A Jealous Heart But Also Ignorant

The clothing style on that design sketch was similar to the styles of her era.

But it was far less refined, elegant, and flowy….

Song Wuyou glimpsed at another two sketches. Both styles also carried a retro feeling.

Not much different to the dress she had seen today in the Guchun store.

Her rapt attention on the design sketches did not escape Gu Yanhao’s notice.

His lips curved up at the corner in a mocking smile, waiting.

He wanted to see till when she was planning to continue this act.

According to her previous temper, the moment she saw Song Jiuyue’s design, harsh, sarcastic words would naturally come flowing out from her mouth. Excessive unwarranted remarks that undermined the designs as the ugliest she ever seen.

One time, she was so agitated that she even snatched one of the designs sketches and tore into pieces.

Gu Yanhao thought to himself, ‘Today, she also won’t be able to keep her cool.’

As he expected, Song Wuyou turned around and flashed a somewhat charming smile at him, “These are Song Jiuyue’s designs?”

Gu Yanhao looked her over coldly, “Aren’t you asking something obvious?”

“I remember all her previous entries were modern style designs. How come these designs follow the retro style?”

“After an entry won the first place, it will be distributed to the European and American markets, and slowly becoming the popular trend. If one of these designs won the top spot, the designer’s reputation would naturally be spread worldwide.”

Gu Yanhao had a vague smile on as he looked at Song Wuyou, the unfathomable eyes carried no emotions, and said, “At that point, Song Jiuyue’s name will resound throughout the world. She will be the Queen everyone envies; a sought after icon.”

Song Wuyou smiled perfunctorily while looking straight at Gu Yanhao.

Oh, please! Do not assume she had had no idea about his ulterior motive.

Boasting about Song Jiuyue in front her, this was not the first time around.

If she was still the original host, from early she would have let out hysterical shrieks and accusations in a flurry, and then she would snatch away those design sketches, tearing them into pieces if she could.

“Base on these creations, she wants to win the first place?” Song Wuyou gave the sheets of papers another glance, muttering softly.

Although her voice had been low, in the huge living room with only the two of them present, plus a Xu Jing standing quietly on the side. Without a doubt, Gu Yanhao had heard her words all too clearly.

Gu Yanhao was glaring at Song Wuyou with a trace of contempt. The Song Wuyou that was not willing to acknowledge Song Jiuyue’s ability was the Song Wuyou that he knew really well.

He already knew she would not be able to hold the charade for long.

Was he not right? Now, she finally returned back to her normal useless, sarcastic self.

“These creations? Can you design better ones?” Gu Yanhao’s taunting voice retorted. The heavy ridicule and disdain were unmistakable.

“I am not a designer.” Song Wuyou claimed.

“You are not a designer, then what right do you have to criticize these creations?”

“Because these designs are… very ugly.”

“Is that so?” Gu Yanhao rolled his eyes. Both of his arms were spread out on the edge of the sofa as he leaned back like a ‘Big Master’[1].

“Say, how are these creations ugly?” His cold and indifferent voice continued.

“Can’t say, it’s simply ugly.”

“Song Wuyou, not only you are jealous at heart, but you’re also very ignorant.”

Song Wuyou shrugged, “Can’t help it. I was born this way.”

After some time, Song Wuyou added, “Gu Yanhao, I can omit the ten percent Gu Group’s shares but I want to work at Gu Group.”

“Not even in your wildest dream!” hearing this, Gu Yanhao’s eyes became sharp and cold, a chilly atmosphere exuded from his entire body.

The living room temperature had fallen abruptly.


‘Big Master Style’

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