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Chapter 190: A Call From Mrs. Jier

“Ah.” Song Wuyou nodded.

Gu Yanhao started on his breakfast, every rise and fall of his hand looking elegant. Merely judging from his table etiquette, one can clearly see that he was brought up in a noble household. It didn’t take him long to finish his breakfast and depart for the office with Song Wuyou.

While they were in the garage, standing beside the car, Gu Yanhao asked Xu Jing, “Do you know how to drive?”

Xu Jing nodded woodenly, “Yes.”

Gu Yanhao glanced at Ah De, and the latter quickly walked over and handed Xu Jing a key to the car. Xu Jing held the car key in her hand, somewhat at a loss.

“In the circumstances that I’m not around, sending and picking up Wuyou, taking her to and fro is your duty. “ Leaving that sentence, Gu Yanhao opened the car door and slid on.

Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou, confused. Doesn’t Miss know how to drive? Why wasn’t the car key handed directly to Miss instead of her?

“Get in the car.” Song Wuyou smiled at her.

“Oh…” Xu Jing kept the car key safely and followed Song Wuyou into Gu Yanhao’s car.

Ah De was responsible for driving. Xu Jing sat in the passenger seat up in front, whereas Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao sat at the back.

Gu Yanhao looked at her, “I’m traveling tomorrow.”

“En,” Isn’t that great?

Gu Yanhao side-eyed her. Just an ‘En.’?

“I’ll be in England for about a week.”

“O.” The corner of Song Wuyou’s lips arched slightly in a tiny, fleeting smile.

Detecting that tiny arch, Gu Yanhao’s face turned sullen, glowering at her with dissatisfaction: “Song Wuyou, you’re very happy that I’m not around?”

Song Wuyou blinked innocently, “Not at all.”

“You just smiled.”

“I can’t even smile?”

“You’re smiling because I’m leaving for England for one week.”

“I smiled recalling Song Jiumei being dragged out by my Dad.”

“Is that very funny?” Gu Yanhao asked.

“Song Jiumei used to act high and mighty in front of me; this my the first time seeing her in such an embarrassing situation.”

“Hmph!” Gu Yanhao harrumphed in disbelief. Who would believe such a flimsy excuse.

At this time, a sad tune floated in the car. Gu Yanhao’s eyes lowered, looking at Song Wuyou’s handbag.

Song Wuyou was stunned. Her mobile? She fished out the mobile from her handbag, took a glance at the unfamiliar number and connected the call.

“Mrs. Gu.” From the other end of the line, a soft, charming female voice spoke.

Song Wuyou was dazed for a moment… Mrs. Jier? Last time when they met at Mu Xin’s birthday party, Mrs. Jier asked for her contact number. She didn’t expect for her to be calling so soon.

“Hello, Mrs. Jier.” Song Wuyou smiled sweetly and greeted.

Gu Yanhao frowned the instant he heard the two words, Mrs. Jier. Xu Jing, however, lit up instantly, turning her shoulders to watch Song Wuyou.

Mrs. Jier? Mrs. Jier speaking on the phone with Miss! Wa~~ Miss is so great, even Mrs. Jier calls her directly.

“I have disturbed you. May I ask if you have any free time in recent days?” A pleasant voice, the kind that could melt the heart into a puddle.

It was silent in the car, and Gu Yanhao has keen hearing. Every word that was said, he heard. He nodded at Song Wuyou, signaling her to answer that she was free.

“En, free.” Song Wuyou replied. But, just as she did that, she frowned unhappily. Did she need Gu Yanhao’s nod to say if she was free or otherwise?

Forget it, she was now an employee of Gu Group and he was the big boss after all―

“Do you have a specific time? I would like to invite you to my house, at the same time, you can take my measurement for another two new qipao.”

“Is tomorrow okay with you?” Song Wuyou asked.

Soft peals of laughter sounded on the other side, gentle and elegant. “Good, Tomorrow, around ten in the morning, is that fine?”

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