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Chapter 191: This Is Song Wuyou’s Trick

“Good, I’ll contact you again near that time.”

After she hung up, Gu Yanhao asked, “Mrs. Jier wants you to make a qipao for her?”

Song Wuyou rolled her eyes at him, “Aren’t you asking something you already know?”

“You did well.” Gu Yanhao reached out and rubbed her head, “Even Mrs. Jier asks you to make her qipao.”

Song Wuyou scoffed derisively, “Is her status more distinguished than the status of Mrs. Gu?”

“Of course Mrs. Gu’s status is much more distinguished.” There was mirth in his eyes as he uttered those arrogant words.

“Then why are you praising me?”

When Song Jiumei was dragged back home, Song Jiuyue was just preparing to leave. Seeing Song Jiuyue, Song Jiumei suddenly went amok, pouncing on Song Jiuyue as if she was crazy. Song Jiuyue quickly veered to the side, dodging her and glaring at her icily, “Are you crazy?”

Song Jiumei pounced on empty air, causing her to stagger and fall to the floor.

Watching this fiasco, Song Nan’s temper exploded, the veins on his necks popping up as he strode towards Song Jiumei in large strides, snapping at her: “Haven’t you messed up enough?”

Song Jiumei struggled to get off the floor while wailing and pointing at Song Jiuyue, “You tripped me! You knew that I also like Young Master Gu, that’s why you want me to die!”

Song Jiuyue was confused by Song Jiumei’s accusation, not knowing what made Song Jiumei short-circuited. When did she ever try to harm her?

“Young Master and that tramp had no idea it was me who hired people to release that video to the web. You tricked me to go apologize to them! Not only they did not accept, they even told me to prepare myself to go to jail. Song Jiuyue, you’re so cruel, you won’t even let go of your own sister!”

Song Jiumei’s expression was as grievous as one could be, face fully tear-stained – but seeing this annoyed Song Jiuyue.

Song Nan felt Song Jiumei’s words were reasonable, giving Song Jiuyue a blaming look as he said, “Jiuyue, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou didn’t know it was Jiumei behind the whole mess.”

Finally hearing Song Nan speaking up for her, Song Jiumei wailed even louder.

Mrs. Song rushed into the room. Seeing Song Jiumei crying so pitifully, she rushed to her side, comforting her many times over, “Baby, don’t cry, don’t cry…”

“How could they not know?” Song Jiuyue frowned and looked at Song Nan, “Dad, what did they say?”

Song Nan briefly recounted what happened when he and Song Jiumei went over to Gu Yanhao’s villa. After hearing it, Song Jiuyue snorted. “This is Song Wuyou’s trick to drive a wedge between us.”

Mrs. Song doesn’t understand, “Drive what wedge?”

“Internal conflict.” Song Jiuyue’s eyes grew cold, “They want to drive a wedge between our relationship. They knew it was Jiumei all along, but when Jiumei went to apologize they pretended not to know anything, causing Jiumei to misunderstand, come back and fight with me. Hehe, Song Wuyou, you really know how to make the best of the situation ah.”

Fortunately, she, Song Jiuyue was no fool. She could smell what games Song Wuyou was playing from miles away after hearing what Song Nan said.

“That Song Wuyou is really becoming too much!” Mrs. Song raged. “Now that Young Master Gu favors her, she doesn’t need us for money anymore, hence she is becoming more arrogant every day, not putting us in her eyes!”

Recalling how Gu Yanhao helped Song Wuyou with her shoes, Song Nan’s eyebrows locked together pensively. He looked at the three women in front of him, reminding them in a grave tone, “After this, try not to provoke Wuyou. After all, she is your sister too.” Provoking her meant provoking Gu Yanhao, and Gu Yanhao was someone they could not afford to provoke.

Song Jiumei’s red eyes were filled with obvious unwillingness. She had never thought of Song Wuyou as her sister.

“I ptui!” Mrs. Song spat, glaring at Song Nan, “My two precious daughters don’t have such a whore of a sister! All the grievances my daughter suffered were all because of you! If you managed to control your crotch all those years ago, there would not be a Song Wuyou today!”

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