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Chapter 193: I Miss You

“I’ve come across some rumors before this, saying that you’re the Song Family’s illegitimate daughter?” Mrs. Jier broached the subject, asking Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou nodded honestly, “En, my father played around outside, and thus came I.”

“Overstepping a little, can I ask where’s your mother?”

Song Wuyou took a small sip of chrysanthemum tea daintily, “She passed away from illness when I was five.”

Mrs. Jier sighed, “You’re so beautiful, your mother must have been very beautiful too. Passing away so young, what a pity.”

Song Wuyou merely smiled faintly.

Mrs. Jier looked at Song Wuyou, asking another question, “What is your mother’s name?”

“Yang Xiaolan.”

The sound of that name caused Mrs. Jier’s hand to shake, nearly spilling the tea in her cup. Song Wuyou, however, did not notice the Mrs. Jier’s strange behavior, but Mrs. Jier’s heart sank. She lowered her eyes to look at the cup in her hand, her long lashes covering the shock in her eyes.

She really is Yang Xiaolan’s daughter―

Mrs. Jier really wanted Song Wuyou to stay for a meal but Song Wuyou received a call from Aunt Song, the nutritionist Gu Yanhao hired, hinting that she should return to the villa for meal. Mrs. Jier did not keep Song Wuyou longer, sending her out the door in person. Watching Song Wuyou’s car speed away, the amiable smile on her face gradually faded, only to be replaced by heavy sorrow.

The Land Rover drove smoothly along the winding hilly highway that connected straight to Cheng Jianping’s villa.  The villa was a little out of the way but the environment was picturesque; clear skies and fresh air, and lush green views.

“Miss, Mrs. Jier is really beautiful.” Xu Jing, who was driving, was a little excited.

But Song Wuyou wasn’t up for her enthusiasm: “Drive carefully.”

“Yes.” Xu Jing grinned, “This is the first time I’m driving such an expensive car. The feeling is really different.”


“In the past, I’ve never driven such an expensive car so I didn’t care much, thinking all cars are the same, just a means of transport. Now, I finally understand why people who drive BMWs will not drive Volkswagens afterwards.”

“I’m a little tired.” Song Wuyou leaned into the seat. It takes one hour drive from where they were back to the villa, so she decided to take a little nap, but the mobile in her purse rang at this time. Taking out it, the caller ID showed Gu Yanhao when she glanced at the screen. Song Wuyou connected the call.

“Still in Mrs. Jier’s place?” Over the phone, Song Wuyou felt Gu Yanhao’s voice sounded even lower, huskier, and more tender.

“I left. I’m on the way back.”

“Eat well after you’ve returned.”

“I know, don’t treat me like a small kid.”

“Song Wuyou.” Suddenly, the other side called out her name in barely a whisper.

Song Wuyou’s eyebrow arched up curiously, “En?”

“Miss you lots.”


Three little words pounded at her heart like the Mjölnir hammer, shaking her to the core.

“Did you hear what I said?” Not getting the expected response from Song Wuyou, the other side was slightly peeved.



The sudden brake of the car made the unprepared Song Wuyou lurch forward, her head banging against the windshield, losing her sobriety for a moment with a ringing in her head. The mobile in her hand fell down. Forcefully enduring the pain in her forehead and the uncomfortable ringing in her head, she looked over at Xu Jing with a frown, “What happened?”

“Song Wuyou?!” In a hotel in England, hearing the sudden screeching of the brake and sharp screams on the other end, Gu Yanhao jumped up from the bathtub.

The moment he reached England, he had been dealing with work, and when that was done, he rushed straight back to the hotel. Being in a foreign country increased his longing for Song Wuyou even more.

“Miss, there’s a car blocking our path in front.”

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