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Chapter 194: Don’t Kill Me

“Miss, there’s a car blocking the road in front,” Xu Jing pointed out a little nervously. Fortunately her reaction time was quick enough, rapidly stepping on the brake, otherwise, a horrible car crash would have been inevitable.

A car was coming at them at a high speed from the front, nearly colliding.  Xu Jing hastily steered the car aside and braking, only to notice where was another car in front of them now. Both ends of the Land Rover was blocked.

“Let them go first.” Song Wuyou spoke, bending down to pick up her mobile when she caught a light reflected in the rearview mirror. Although this body was weak, the experience of war was embedded in her. Song Wuyou’s hearing and sense of smell were all very sharp. Under the reflected glint of swords and daggers, she developed a keen instinct towards danger.

Song Wuyou suddenly dived downward.

Ding! The dull thud of a bullet hitting the car’s body sounded.

“Ahh~~!” Xu Jing screamed out in fear, both hands instinctively covered over head head.

“Don’t panic!” Song Wuyou tried to comfort Xu Jing, “Think of a way to drive the car away.”

“Miss, ahh!!!” Another dull thud hit the car, Xu Jing starting shivering in fear.

“Song Wuyou?!” On the other end in England, Gu Yanhao hurried to dress while shouting into the phone: “Don’t panic, I’m sending someone over right now!”

He heard sounds of gunfire! That pop from the gun felt as if it hit straight into has heart, his heart racing from the anxiety and fear. He wants to go back! This instant!

The mobile was a stretch away from Song Wuyou’s hand. Seeing the flickering screen, she reached out, wanting to pick it up when…

Pa~la~~! The window was smashed from outside, scattering pieces of glass on Song Wuyou’s back, followed by a man’s cold voice: “Don’t move!”

Thinking that Song Wuyou wanted to call the police, the man aimed the muzzle at the back of Song Wuyou’s head, giving a warning: “If you dare to call the police, I’ll pierce a bullet through your head right now!”

On the driver’s side, Xu Jing was shivering even more intensely.

Song Wuyou gave up on the mobile, raising her hands and acting as if she was very afraid while looking fearfully at the man standing beside the car, “Don’t kill me, I’ll give you money, no matter how much!”

When the man got a look at Song Wuyou’s face, there a trace of surprise, “Get off!”

“Don’t kill me…” Song Wuyou’s voice ‘stammered.’

“If you don’t obediently get off the car, I’ll shoot.”

“I’m getting out, I’m getting out.” Song Wuyou exclaimed anxiously, opening the car door.

The man retreated several steps, eyes roving over Song Wuyou’s body. Swallowing back his saliva, a wicked sneer emerged, “Quite the beauty.” Then, his hand reached out, clasping Song Wuyou’s shoulder with force: “You’re coming with me”

“Miss―” Xu Jing was alarmed.

“Bang―” The man released a shot into the passenger seat, giving Xu Jing such a scare that she fainted on the spot.

“Who are you? Why are you taking me?” Song Wuyou struggled a little.

“I’ll tell you after you get on the car.”

“Let go of me!” Song Wuyou continued to struggle. Once she’s in their car, would she still have a chance?

“Don’t move, if you move anymore, I’ll do you on the spot!” Men dislike disobedient women the most.

When Song Wuyou got off the car, she had counted how many people the other side had. Three cars, six people. Obviously, someone was coming for her and knew her schedule, arranging for these people to ambush her here.

Song Wuyou looked around, and seeing the forest some distance away, her eyes shone. She raised her leg suddenly, an abrupt kick landed on the man’s abdomen. At the same time, her arm reached back, twisting the man’s wrist. Caught by the sudden pain, the man released his grasp on her shoulder, Song Wuyou’s remaining hand swiftly snatched his gun.

“Don’t move!” Song Wuyou glared at the man icily with the muzzle pointed at the man’s temple.

Her movements, were fast and accurate.

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