ENH C197

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Chapter 197: Mu Gu’s Unease

The driver shrunk his neck, afraid to speak another word more. Young Master Cheng turned around, cold eyes glancing in a specific direction, expressionless.

Some distance behind him, a Pagani sports car stopped abruptly  in its tracks when the driver saw a car swerve out of control from the lane.  Sitting inside the car was Mu Gu. Through the windshield he witnessed the whole scene. To avoid a car that jumped out in front of another car out of nowhere, the first car veered out of control and shot straight to the woods, flying down the cliff.

Mu Gu’s brows furrowed deeply, hands nervously gripping the steering wheel as he watched transfixed as the other car fell down the cliff. Very quickly, at the scene of accident, three other vehicles braked to a screeching stop.

A man first jumped out from one of them, rushing to check the scene, but when all of them saw the car they were chasing fall over a cliff after barging through the woods, their steps faltered, afraid to find out the result.

Assassination? Mu Gu’s eyebrows rose curiously but the unease in his heart increased. He started the engine, slowly driving towards the edge of the woods. At a closer distance, he could clearly see the anxiousness and worry on these new arrivals’ faces.  Lowering the windows of his sports car discreetly, he eavesdropped on this group of men’s nervous discussion:

“Big bro’s definitely gone! All this is that wench’s fault!”  Wench? Hearing that there was a woman involved, Mu Gu got out of the sports car the very next second.

At this time, it was evening. The setting sun shone in a fiery amber glow, painting the terrain an ethereal rusty red.  Mu Gu, wearing an expensive casual ivory shirt, stood by the roadside like a celestial immortal, but there was the aloofness of the silver moon emanating from him that sent an inexplicably cold shiver down the back.

“What are you talking about?” His icy voice resounded, alarming the five other men and drawing their immediate attention.

Mu Gu had his back towards the setting sun, and the bright light shining behind him hindered the rest from seeing Mu Gu’s face. What they saw instead was a Celestial God.

“Our Big bro went over the cliff with two other women .” One of the men answered. It was easy to detect the sadness in his voice.

“Two women?” Mu Gu’s eyes sharpened, “Two very young and beautiful women?”

The five men exchanged a look amongst themselves. Could this man know the two women?”


The same man answered, “I only saw one of them. She was really beautiful, like a fairy.”

Mu Gu’s fists clenched tightly upon hearing the man’s answer, his heart rising to his throat; Wuyou!

It must be Wuyou!

“If you want to live, get down and search! If you can’t find her, don’t dream of keeping your life!” Mu Gu barked. The air of hostility surging from him made it hard to refuse.

“The mountain cliffs are so steep…”


In the meantime on Song Wuyou’s end of things.

The car took a dive over the cliff, running out of ground. The car rolled and tumbled down, bumping and crashing against the steep cliff walls. Friction sparks flew everywhere as the entire car was jolted again and again.

She who didn’t have the safety belt buckled, rolled and tumbled according to the car’s rhythm. Her head were buzzing from multiple impacts. When the car’s back door flew open as it rolled down, both she and the man were flung out of the car, plummeting down from an arch. Song Wuyou tried her best to control her body, changing the direction of the fall and speed.

Still, she blames this body’s lousy physique. If it was the same body she had in the past, this level of cliff would be nothing in her eyes.

However…. This was a different era. It took an arduous amount of effort to make this body move the way she intended. In the end, she still crashed heavily to the ground. Her body continued to roll on the ground, finally coming to a stop when she reached flat ground

“Ahhh….” Song Wuyou groaned in pain, her head hurt and confused. Everywhere hurts.

At this time, a shadow flew past her to the front. It was the man she’d held at gunpoint earlier. And further up was a sharp cliff.

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