ENH C198

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Chapter 198: “Stupid!”

Song Wuyou’s eyes turned sullen in an instant. Without thinking, she got up from the ground and leaped forward with arm stretched out. In the nick of time, she caught one of the man’s arms whereas her other hand clung firmly to an arm-sized tree trunk at the edge of the cliff.

The man’s lower torso had crossed the edge, legs dangling in the air as his hands anchored to Song Wuyou’s firm grip.  Never did he imagined that this woman would leap over to save him in this kind of situation. The man lowered his eyes, looking down at his feet.

Oh Mom, it really is a high steep cliff yeah, even though it had a canopy of trees at the bottom. But plummeting from this height, if he didn’t fall to his death, he would be stabbed to death by those thousands of tree branches.

The man paled from fear, his body swayed more violently.

So heavy!

Song Wuyou felt her hand was about to be snapped off soon, as crackling sounds came from her elbow joint.

“Stupid!” Song Wuyou frowned unhappily, snapping at the man. “Don’t sway your body so much, my hand’s going to be torn off by you!”

“Why did you save me?” The man looked at Song Wuyou, his originally fierce eyes taken over by fear of impending death. Before, staring at death face to face, he wasn’t afraid, but when he has one foot over the other side, he was adamant to keep his other foot firmly in the land of the living.

What baffled him was, why did this woman save him?

“Stop your nonsense! Swing your leg up over the cliff edge. I will pull you, so climb up slowly. Why are you so stupid?” Song Wuyou snapped bitterly at the man.

Listening to Song Wuyou, the man quickly steadied his swaying body, attempting to anchor his legs to the cliff wall before succeeding. While he slowly inched up, Song Wuyou pulled him along. When his feet were close to the edge, the man’s remaining hand grasped at a nearby tree. With that, Song Wuyou’s burden lessened greatly.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, both of her hands clutched at the man’s collar before dragging him up. Out of danger, Song Wuyou slumped to the ground, panting heavily. The man glanced down at the cliff he was dangling over earlier. The picture with his feet in the air flashed in his mind and a shiver ran down his body. His heart was still beating loudly in his ears.

Just now, he nearly went to report to the Underworld…

He turned around, looking at Song Wuyou. Seeing her red face and heavy panting, his eyes darkened: “Thank you!”

Song Wuyou lifted her hand to wipe off the sweat from her forehead, too lazy to bother with him. Suddenly, Song Wuyou snapped to attention. Her sudden chance bewildered the man.

“Xu Jing!” Song Wuyou’s sharp eyes scanned the surroundings. Not far away on a flat slope, the Land Rover was beyond recognition. Forgetting the pain in her own body, Song Wuyou sprinted towards the car.

The door on the driver’s side was all sorts of dented. Xu Jing was inside, secured by the seat belt mechanism, but she was unconscious. There was blood flowing from  her forehead and thigh.

Seeing this, without another word Song Wuyou peeled off the car door, carefully releasing Xu Jing from the safety belt and pulling her body from the car.

Xu Jing is so heavy! Why is everyone so heavy ah? Song Wuyou’s beautiful face was twisted in a lump from overexertion. Successfully getting Xu jing out of the car and carefully placing her on the ground, Song Wuyou patted Xu Jing’s face to rouse her: “Xu Jing!Xu Jing!”

“……….” Xu Jing was totally out for good.

Holding Xu Jing’s head, Song Wuyou looked around. What to do? How were they going to climb all the way up to the highway?

Drip drop, drip dropー

Sounds of gasoline dripping from the back of the car.

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