ENH C199

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Chapter 199: You’re Here?

A strong scent of gasoline permeated the air. Song Wuyou looked over by instinct to find gasoline was dripping from the overturned car, leaking down to the front side. The front section of the engine was heavily damaged, with fire sparks bursting out randomly and sporadically. Some of the fire sparks came in contact with the leaked gasoline, issuing sizzling sounds of ‘zizizizi’, burning brighter.

Song Wuyou stared fixedly for at the small combustion, then something flashed in her mind, her eyes narrowing to a slit. Her heart tensed and she immediately half carried/ half dragged Xu Jing away from the spot.  An overwhelming lethal danger was about to strike them and the only thing on Song Wuyou’s mind as to get as far away from here as possible. Both she and Xu Jing can’t die this way!

Being too rushed, and her strong survival instincts kicking in while running, Song Wuyou’s foot stumbled, her entire body lurching forward in the air!  Her feet executed several quick steps on air out of reflex so that even she herself did not realize she was using qinggong, but her strength was still a little lacking, causing her control to be inaccurate. In addition, she was carrying Xu Jing. Before she got far enough, a booming rumble spliced the air behind her, shaking heaven and earth.

“Wuyou!” Mu Gu, who had just arrived with the several men, cried out. Mu Gu, the men behind him, and the man Wuyou saved from the edge of the cliff stared stupefied at the way she seemed to walk on air.

This woman could actually leap so high?!

A large blowout impacted Song Wuyou’s entire back.

“Puff~!” Her torso was severely jarred, and pain exploded in her chest, forcing her to spurt out a mouthful of blood. Her hold on Xu Jing loosened, flinging her body out in an arc across the air. In the next moment, both women landed on the ground with a thud.

“Wuyou!!” Mu Gu shouted, flying to Song Wuyou’s side.

“Ah―!” Song Wuyou grunted in agony as her body hit the hard soil. Was she going to die? It felt as if all her internal organs shifted positions when she landed. The side of her head banged onto a watermelon-sized stone, blood instantly gushing out from her wound.

Song Wuyou’s consciousness became muddled, and her sight turning hazy and blurred. She frowned slightly as she laid weakly in the dirt, no other expression other than the tiny frown. Is she… dying? Her conscious dimmed, and no more thoughts surfaced to plight her.

Mu Gu was sprinting to her side. When he was very close, his feet tripped over something causing him to fall on his knees. Due to inertia, Mu Gu slid on his knees about twenty meters before stopping. Pants ripped from the gravel friction, blood and flesh stained the shredded edges but all these were ignored by Mu Gu. He hurried up again, rushing to check on Song Wuyou.

In his eyes, on his face, there was only fear and panic.

“Wuyou!” His voice trembled as he called in a low, controlled voice, as if afraid what he feared most would be unbottled.

Hearing a voice calling her name, Song Wuyou – on the verge of blacking out – strained to open her eyelids, but all she saw was blurry shadows like someone purposely putting a veil over her eyes, preventing her from seeing clearly.

“Hold on, I’ll get you out of this bloody place immediately!” Mu Gu reassured anxiously.

Song Wuyou can’t even think who was talking to her, only knew that this voice was so familiar. Her lips moved up weakly on her pale white face, “You… you’re here…”

Inexplicably, this sentence stabbed deeply into Mu Gu’s heart, an indescribable pain washing over him like someone was playing with his heartstrings, stretching them close to snapping point before releasing.

His eyes became red-rimmed, his gaze locked on Song Wuyou’s face, hoarse voice replying in barely a whisper: “That’s right, I am here. Hold on, I’ll get you to the hospital!”

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