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Chapter 20: In His Heart, She’s Just Trash?

Instead of letting Song Wuyou work in Gu Group, he might as well just gift-wrap the ten percent shares for her.

“I want to join the Design Department.” Song Wuyou ignored Gu Yanhao’s icy tone and stated in a calm demeanor.

The truth was, Song Wuyou only wished to work and prove to everyone that she is not an incompetent person.

However, Gu Yanhao had many different thoughts of her motive. In his way of thinking, she was just being absurd.

“Song Wuyou, don’t take Gu Group as a garbage dump.” The underlying meaning was Song Wuyou is no difference with garbage.

Song Wuyou’s eyes were chilly like an iceberg, “Are you certain you won’t let me work in the Gu Group?”

“Take a guess,” Gu Yanhao’s eyes stared back at her tauntingly.

Song Wuyou merely smiled, “What if I can help Song Jiuyue win the first place?”

Gu Yanhao scoffed, “Relying on that simple and underdeveloped brain of yours?”

“Gu Yanhao, does chastising me makes you happy?” Song Wuyou rolled her eyes.

“You asked for it.”

“Fine, you won’t let me work in Gu Group, and you refuse to give me ten percent shares! Then you should just take the divorce off the table.” Finished saying this, Song Wuyou turned around and went up the stairs.

Gu Yanhao’s pupils stared piercingly at the upright back, darkening into a deep hue.

In fact, he too felt these designs from Song Jiuyue were not satisfying enough. But he could not pinpoint exactly where the flaws lay.

After being criticized as ‘ugly’ by Song Wuyou, the impression he had of them dropped even further.

This damn woman, only knew how to dampen his mood.

‘Are they ugly just because she said so?’


Going back to her room, she took out all her new purchases and arranged them neatly in the closet.

Song Wuyou settled herself on the bed. She could not figure out the reason why Song Jiuyue’s sketches kept swimming in her brain.

This year’s theme for the competition is retro?

Gu Yanhao’s words kept ringing in her ears:

“If one of these designs won the top spot, the designer’s reputation would naturally be spread worldwide.”

“At that point, Song Jiuyue’s name will resound throughout the world. She will become a Queen everyone envies; a sought after icon.”

“Song Wuyou, don’t take Gu Group as a garbage dump.”

Song Wuyou sneered as she recalled the things that he had said, especially that last sentence.

In his heart, Song Jiuyue was a Queen and she was just trash?

She, after all, had the original host’s memories.

Being treated as trash by someone they have loved for so many years, of course, the heart would feel very uncomfortable.

Song Wuyou turned towards the mirror, staring back at her own reflection and said to the person on the other side, “Since I took your body and memories, I will live well. I will show to the person you loved that you were not a good-for-nothing nor were trash.”


Song Family’s villa.

Song Jiumei ran into Song Jiuyue’s room full of spirit.

“Sis, is it true that Young Master Gu is finally divorcing Song Wuyou?”

Song Jiuyue was sketching a new design, hearing this, she immediately put down her pen and looked up at Song Jiumei.

Both of Song Jiumei’s eyes were shining as she came beside Song Jiuyue. She placed both of her elbows on the table, full of expectation and joy.

“Jie, is that true ah? Are they divorcing?”

Song Jiuyue did not give a direct answer, instead, she took notice of the redness on her little sister’s face. Song Jiuyue asked, puzzled, “What happened to your face?”

The moment this was mentioned, hatred flashed across Song Jiumei’s eyes: “Song Wuyou hit me.”

Song Jiuyue was shocked, “Song Wuyou dared to hit you?”

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