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Chapter 200: You Being Alive Exceeds Everything

Dry yellow sand blowing everywhere while war drums thundered. Tens of thousands of soldiers and horses marching, a majestic sight to behold.  Hands held weapons as their legs sprinted forward to the frontline, colliding in an intense physical melee with the enemy soldiers.

Riding on a black war steed, clad in golden armor, Dongfang Xuan was like a deity. The long spear in his hands leaves a bloody trail in its path, corpses littered as far as the eyes can see.

Fighting together with his army, he forced the enemy to retreat.

Another victorious battle!

After repelling the enemy, Dongfang Xuan did not stop, urging his steed to sprint to the north side. The battle was still raging on this side, wind carrying yellow sand on the battlefield, even so, it wasn’t difficult to see one side was at the end of its tethers, being forced back again and again.

Riding on a white mount, the person clad in the same golden armor as Dongfang Xuan revealed a faint smile on seeing Dongfang Xuan rushing over to their side.

“Ahㅡㅡ!” That person turned back towards the enemy, slaughtering enemies with renewed determination and vigor.

“Wuyou!” Dongfang Xuan reached her side, and they killed enemy soldiers side by side.

He held a long spear, while the petite Song Wuyou’s hand gripped a long sword – yet their movements were synchronized, sweeping away enemies’ swords and arrows.

Song Wuyou was the image of valiant bravery while Dongfang Xuan was an all conquering might. With both of them working together, soon, the enemy on this side was forced to retreat as well.

“Wooo~~hoo~~~!” When the enemy soldiers finally retreated, the soldiers broke out in excited cheers. Dongfang Xuan looked at Song Wuyou, giving her a faint smile that went all the way to his phoenix eyes. Song Wuyou blushed slightly noticing the smile in them.

Dongfang Xuan reached out, his husky voice commanding: “Come here.”

“Hoot~~hoot~!” Watching this, the soldiers cheered even louder, as if trying to heat the atmosphere towards something.

Staring at the soldiers, Song Wuyou made a face at their cheering: “Go, go, go, don’t hoot anymore, so noisy!”

“General Song is feeling shy!”

“General Song, we won another battle. Why don’t you go and celebrate with General Dongfang?” Another teasing cheer broke out from the soldiers.

“Not coming?” Dongfang Xuan raised an eyebrow at her, the mirth never leaving his eyes.

Song Wuyou relented, reaching out and to hold his hand, her hand looking extremely small in the palm of his large one. Dongfang Xuan skillfully pulled her hand, her body arching gracefully from her white horse over to his black steed, gliding into Dongfang Xuan’s embrace. The soldiers erupted in cheers as Dongfang Xuan nudged the steed to gallop as it carried the two of them.

They rode for a while, coming to a stop next to a small creek. Green grass and wildflowers grew in abundance at the creekside, with butterflies dancing around.

“Song Wuyou, you’re injured again?” Dongfang Xuan squatted beside her, washing her hands. Seeing the faded old wounds and raw new ones, his heart ached sorely.

Song Wuyou smiled nonchalantly, “How could there be no injuries in fighting?”

Dongfang Xuan squeezed her hand, looking deeply at her, “Just a little more, and the East side will be ours.”

Song Wuyou nodded heavily, “En! After we conquer the entire Eastside, then you will be the Sovereign Prince of the East!”

The corner of Dongfang Xuan’s lips bent in a charming smile, a gentle breeze brushing over his chiseled face, “When I am the Sovereign Prince, you will be my Queen.”

Regardless, his promise made her happy.

She raised her hand, wiping away the beads of sweat from his forehead, as she sincerely said, “You being alive exceeds everything.”

Dongfang Xuan took off his armor. At this moment, in this setting, he looked peerless and handsome.

“Alive, both of us will.” Removing the long strip of cloth that served as a belt, wetting it with his large hands that had a thin layer of callouses, and wiping off the dirt and blood stains from face gently.

Song Wuyou smiled from her heart, eyes glittering with happiness.    

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