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Chapter 201: Didn’t Expect That She’s Dead

By the time Gu Yanhao returned from England, Song Wuyou was undergoing treatment in the hospital. When the car exploded behind her, the blowout impacted her internal organs. Fortunately, she was brought to the hospital in time so that her heart and other organs did not suffer from blood stasis clogging.  However, she was still comatose. When she fell, her head hit a large rock, resulting in a concussion.

Gu Yanhao sat beside her bed, holding her hand firmly, extremely worried. The expression on his handsome face was solemn and burdened.  It was him. He failed to protect her! If he did his job well, she wouldn’t be lying here in the hospital bed, injured…

The man saved by Song Wuyou and his several brothers were waiting with trepidation outside Song Wuyou’s room for her to regain consciousness.  Gu Yanhao had given them an ultimatum: if anything happens to Song Wuyou, none of them will be safe.

“Big bro, you say, will she be okay?” One of the men was very worried.

“She’ll be fine!” The man being called ‘Big bro’ sounded firm, “She just fainted, she will definitely wake up.”

“She’s so righteous. In that kind of situation she still rushed to save our Big bro. Young…Young Master Gu…” the speaking man suddenly shifted uneasily, awkwardly dodging the extremely grim face of Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao’s gaze, tinted with bloodlust, scanned their faces, fingers digging into his palm. If he could, he would kill all of them on the spot!

But now wasn’t the time for this.

Gu Yanhao’s sharp, piercing eyes felt like daggers across their faces when it finally stopped on the man referred to as Big bro: “Call Song Jiumei!”

Song Jiumei went into hiding from Gu Yanhao’s lawyer. Not even Song Jiuyue knew where she went. At the moment, she was hiding in a dime in a dozen hotel.

Knock, knockㅡ

Knocking sounds came from the door, Song Jiumei that was lazing on the sofa surfing channels jumped up immediately and approached the door. Through the peephole, when she confirmed it was the person that she was waiting for, she quickly unlocked the door to let him in. Once the door opened, the man hurried into the room sneakily.

Song Jiumei quickly shut the door, stared at the man anxiously and asked: “How? Did you handle the matter well?”

The man scoffed and laughed obnoxiously, “I, Liu Zhiming, doing things, when has the result ever be unfavorable?”

Song Jiumei’s face beamed with delight at his words, eyes sparkling like diamonds, “According to the method I said?”

Liu Zhiming shook his head, “Some accident happened, and that woman’s car flew over the mountain cliff.”

“Mountain cliff? She’s dead?” Another burst of excitement hit Song Jiumei as she looked at Liu Zhiming with anticipation.

Liu Zhiming: “I’ve done the job. Where’s the money?”

Song Jiumei: “You haven’t answered me. Is that slut dead or not?”

Liu Zhiming: “I saw it with my own eyes. That car drove off a cliff and exploded.”

The happiness practically diffused from every pore on her body, taking Liu Zhiming’s words as confirmation. “Meaning she’s dead for sure?”

Seeing Song Jiumei’s smug schadenfreude-riddled face, Liu Zhiming snorted through his nose, “You’re very happy she’s dead?”

Song Jiumei stuck out her chin, exclaiming: “Of course! At first I wanted you to capture and play with her for some time, but I didn’t expect she’d die like that. But all is good, the world is so much better without that slut!” By the end, Song Jiumei’s face was distorted.

Liu Zhiming ignored her nonsense, at the same time extending his palm toward her: “Money!”

“Money, money, money, as if I won’t give it to you.” Song Jiumei stuck her hand into her pocket, taking out a slip of paper―the cheque she had prepared in advance. Giving this to Liu Zhiming she trilled, “One million, take it!”

Liu Zhiming chuckled shamelessly, taking the cheque from her hand, “So easy peasy I earned one million. If there are similar jobs in the future, don’t forget me.”

“There won’t be a similar job! The nail in my coffin has been removed. You’ve got the money, quickly scram.”

“Song Jiuyue?” Liu Zhiming checked the cheque in his hand with a glance and saw the signature on it. He glared sharply at Song Jiumei, shouting: “You’re fooling me? You think I don’t know who Song Jiuyue is? This is a fraudulent cheque!”

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