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Chapter 202: Even Dared To Touch My Woman, You Sure Got Guts!

Song Jiumei: “The cheque is genuine! It’s a cheque Song Jiuyue gave me!”

Li Zhiming; “Song Jiuyue is the one who ordered this?”

Song Jiumei: “No! I’m warning you, keep this matter between you and me. You’re not to approach Song Jiuyue or let her know about this!”

Liu Zhiming: “Compensate me for keeping my mouth shut.”

Song Jiumei: “Youㅡㅡ!” Song Jiumei managed to check herself before blurting out anything unnecessary. Taking a deep breathe, she gnashed her teeth, snapping: “Give me your account number, I’ll transfer it to you in the daylight.”

‘How much?”

“A hundred thousand!”

Liu Zhiming was quite satisfied with the figure, thus letting the matter drop. He waved the cheque in his hands, confirming: “This cheque is genuine?”

“Of course it’s genuine! Song Jiuyue is my real sister!”

“You sisters are truly ruthless, working together just to get rid of a woman.”

“Song Jiuyue has no idea about this matter at all. If you dare to leak as much as one word out, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Li Zhiming snickered derisively, displaying his rogue character to a T, Brushing Song Jiumei’s face with the cheque, he drawled, “Looks like you have some real bad blood with that woman.”

Song Jiumei took half a step back, frowning uncomfortably and twitching her nose at the man’s action – but she was in a jubilant mood after learning about Song Wuyou’s death when the car exploded.

She glowered coldly at him, “There’s no bad blood with her, I just don’t like her. Just a bastard, but she married Young Master Gu, based on what?!”

“Oh, so it was because of a man.” Liu Zhiming’s laughter deepened meaningfully.

“She was lucky to survive the last accident, merely suffering a miscarriage. At least, this time she didn’t escape.” Song Jiumei’s laughter was villainous and self-indulgent

, “From the first day she came to our house, I have disliked her.”

“You are really so cruel.” Liu Zhiming whistled.

“If you’re not ruthless and cruel, can you avenge yourself? Song Wuyou, that slut, has a good life, I spent so much time and effort behind the scenes to destroy her reputation, made it stink worse than the sewers – yet she successfully married Young Master Gu, becoming his wife. Becoming Mrs. Gu. Isn’t that great?, Now she can bring the Mrs. Gu title down to hell with her.”

Liu Zhiming looked at Song Jiumei’s warped expression of self-righteousness and complacence, and he pitied her inwardly.

“Why aren’t you leaving?” Song Jiumei suddenly realized that she’d said too much, and shot a stern glare at Liu Zhiming. “I really got in over my head; otherwise why would I say these things to a lowly person like you?”

“Who are you calling a lowly person?” Liu Zhiming was upset.

“Hmph! I can contract you to handle this matter, so of course I would have your background checked beforehand. A group of good-for-nothing orphans, abandoned by your parents. What do you call that if not lowly?” Song Jiumei walked toward the door and opened it wide: “Please…..”

Before the two words ‘get out’ could come from her mouth, the corner of Song Jiumei’s eyes caught sight of a man standing in her doorway. Looking over, her face went ashen instantly. The smug complacent expression on her face withered and her eyes rounded wide with extreme fear: “Gu… Young…young… Young Master…”

Gu Yanhao’s gaze was icy, piercing sharply as it locked on Song Jiumei. Dressed from head to toe in a black western suit like an evil spirit that just walked into the light, he exuded intense hostility and menace from every fiber of his body.

The moment Song Jiumei saw him standing there, her instincts went haywire from the increasing sense of danger.

“You even dared to touch my woman? You’ve really got guts.” A voice spoke, neither soft nor angry, neither slow or fast, yet it sent a spine-chilling sensation into the room.

At this precise moment, the gravity of the situation struck Song Jiumei right on the head. She spun around, astounded, as she stared at Liu Zhiming, “You betrayed me?”

Liu Zhiming sneered, “If it weren’t for Mrs. Gu saving me despite her own life also being in danger, I’d be dead and in several pieces.”

Song Jiumei suddenly shrieked like she had gone mad, “What? Song Wuyou is not dead?!!!!”

By the time Gu Yanhao got back to the hospital, it was already mid-morning, around ten a.m.

Flying from M City to England for customer meetings, rushing back again without resting, and handling Song Jiumei… a shadow of exhaustion had crept up his handsome face.

When he was absent from the hospital, it was Mu Gu who accompanied Song Wuyou. As Gu Yanhao strode into the room, there was an additional male guest insideーOld Grandfather Gu.

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