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Chapter 203: Is it Very Painful?

“Ah Hao, what is happening? How can Wuyou be injured so heavily?”

The second Gu Yanhao appeared, he was cornered by Old Grandfather Gu, questioning him to the ends of the world about what happened: “How are you someone’s husband? You cannot even protect your wife well! Have you found out if it is God’s will or caused by man?”

“Already found out.” Gu Yanhao looked at Old Grandfather Gu, answering honestly.

Mu Gu, sitting close to the bed, caught his words. Light glinted in his eyes as he raised his head, looking at Gu Yanhao.

“Who was it? Who was so daring as to harm my granddaughter-in-law?” The atmosphere around Old Grandfather Gu turned sharp. Even his old cloudy eyes sharpened with enmity, as if he’d made a firm decision kill the other side.

“Song Jiumei.” Gu Yanhao’s voice carried an edge as he spat out the three words.

“What?!” Old Grandfather Gu was startled, nearly roaring with disbelief: “Song Jiumei?!!”

Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes looked away, his sinewy hands on his lap silently clenched into fists.

“En.” Gu Yanhao walked over to the bedside, dark eyes on Song Wuyou, “She didn’t wake up at all?” It wasn’t known for sure if the question was directed at Old Grandfather Gu or Mu Gu.

But the one who answered him was Mu Gu, “No. The doctor came to check on her. He said everything is doing fine.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes shifted over to Mu Gu: “You’ve been staying vigil for quite a while, go back and rest.”

Mu Gu gave him a long considering look, and suddenly bloomed into a smile, his peach blossom eyes shining with mischief: “I’ll only be accompanying a herd of horses and sheep if I go back, better still that I stay here with you.”

“………” Gu Yanhao pursed his lips into a thin line. Lines of discontent appeared on his forehead. Stay here to accompany him, or to accompany his wife?

“Anyway, Wuyou is also my friend and you are my brother,.hHow could I relax blissfully on the ranch at a time like this?”

“This Song Jiumei, l usually looks well-behaved. I’d never imagined her to be such a ruthless character.” Old Grandfather Gu’s indignant words cut into their conversation.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes traveled back to Song Wuyou’s pale petite face, his every word like sharp icicles crashing to the floor: “She is also behind the last accident which caused the miscarriage.”

Mu Gu’s eyes narrowed at that revelation, his fingers digging into his palm.

“What?!” Old Grandfather Gu’s eyes widened in anger as he practically jumped up and marched toward Gu Yanhao. He grasped his shoulders, his eyes penetrating Gu Yanhao’s  as Old Grandfather Gu questioned: “She admitted it herself?”

Gu Yanhao looked over, looking frankly back at Old Grandfather Gu: “En.’

Old Grandfather Gu was so angry his entire body shook with rage. He gritted his teeth as he spat the word: “Cruel! Too cruel! No matter what, Wuyou is her sister. Our Gu and Song Family have known each other for so long, and she is my granddaughter-in-law. If she doesn’t give face to the monk, she must still give face to Buddha[1]. This Song Jiumei actually forced my granddaughter-in-law to death time and again?! I want to bring her to justice!!”

Although age was catching up with Old Grandfather Gu, nevertheless, he was a Major General in his glorious days. Hence, though slightly older, the edge and sharpness were a natural part of him.

“Grandfather, let me handle her.” Gu Yanhao said to Old Grandfather Gu.

“How are you going to deal with her?” Old Grandfather Gu questioned.

“You don’t have to worry about this. I will take care of it.”

“Fine. Even if you kill her I will feign ignorance. I really did not expect Song Jinhua would have such a granddaughter. If he knew his granddaughter treats my granddaughter-in-law this way, could he rest in peace? Sigh, the youth these days are so callous and unfeeling, a vicious generation!”

“Wuyou?” Mu Gu anxiously called out as he noticed a tear sliding down from the corner of Song Wuyou’s eye.

Hearing him call out, Gu Yanhao – and Old Grandfather Gu, too – quickly moved closer to the bed to get a good look at her.

Gu Yanhao even leaned forward, really close to Song Wuyou. Seeing this, Mu Gu swiftly retreated.

“Song Wuyou?” Gu Yanhao’s arms lightly hugged Song Wuyou’s shoulders. Seeing the tears on her face, he asked softly, “Is it very painful?”


  1. Lit. translation: Look at the third person(party) before asking/giving help or doing harm. Some resemblance to, look at the dog’s owner before hitting the dogーa metaphor related to giving face to someone/party before action/inaction is taken.

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