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Chapter 204: Dream

It hurtsㅡ

The fainted Song Wuyou felt as if her head was about to crack; it hurt everywhere, but she was clear-headed. When her eyes opened, they were red. Not the kind of red from sleeping too long. It was the kind of red from crying too much.

She looked a little dazed and dumb at the handsome face close to hers. She frowned, her baffled eyes roaming over Gu Yanhao’s handsome face: “Dong… cough… cough…”  Just as she tried to talk, her voice was hoarse, and her dry throat made her cough.

“I’ll bring water.” Hearing her hoarse voice, Mu Gu quickly got up to pour her a glass of water.

“Cough cough… puff…” The blood clot stuck at the back of her throat was coughed out, trickling down her chin.

“What’s going n? Did she vomit blood?” Seeing that scene, Old Grandfather Gu became nervous and agitated.

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Gu Yanhao took out his handkerchief, gently wiping the blood stain off her chin as the other hand softly patted her chest. This manner of Song Wuyou was worse than wrenching his heart.

“I’m calling a doctor!” Old Grandfather Gu exclaimed.

“Here, water!” Mu Gu passed the glass to Gu Yanhao.

Taking the glass, Gu Yanhao helped Song Wuyou up, slowly feeding her water. Barely two sips in and Song Wuyou coughed again, but she felt better after having water wet her dry throat.  Venturing another sip, she told Gu Yanhao in her croaked voice, “Put me down.” Her body hurt all over being held like this.

“Okay.” Gu Yanhao was extremely gentle as he very lightly eased her back on the bed.

“How is it? Where does it hurt?” Gu Yanhao went back to wiping blood off her lips, asking in an extremely soft and gentle voice.

“……….” Everywhere hurts, as if a car ran her over. But Song Wuyou did not say it out, pursing her lips, she only looked unblinkingly at Gu Yanhao. Her gaze was deep, deep and profound, laced with complex emotions.

When she was in still in a coma, it felt like she returned to X Dynastyㅡ

Before she woke up she was standing in front of a tomb. The stone stele on the tomb was inscribed with five words [ Beloved Wife, Song Wuyou]. She recognized the strokes and curves of these words, Dongfang Xuan’s carving.

The tomb was erected in their old hometownㅡ

The tomb’s design[1] was unique, paved with white marble everywhere. The inner section was clean, and the outer edge was a sea of flowers of every kind. There would be flowers blooming every season. Pairs of butterflies danced atop the petals, frolicking… Whereas on the offering altar, fresh fruits, various cooked meats, and paper grass were lined up neatly… as if someone would come to burn joss sticks for her every day.

Song Wuyou stood in front of her own grave, staring at the heartbreaking five words…

Dongfang Xuan, you’re too cruel! I fought tooth and nail for your kingdom. It was fine that the Empress was someone else, but why must he place her far away even in death, so as not to allow her to taint an inch of his kingdom? Going as far as sending her bones back to her hometownㅡ

But she remembered all her nine familial relations were killed. Wasn’t everyone dead? Who would come to her grave every day, to clean and burn joss sticks for her?

Her heart was shredded standing in front of her own grave, looking at her own stone stele. Piercing pain stabbed at her heart again and again. She couldn’t stop the tears recalling the time when she and Dongfang Xuan watched the new palace construction in progress.

The tears came with a vengeance, so abruptly that she had to close her eyes – and then, she vaguely heard Dongfang Xuan’s voice. Startled, she quickly opened her eyes.

The scene in front had changed.

It was no longer her hometown, nor before her tomb, but the hospital room. The face that entered her eyes does not belong to Dongfang Xuan; it was Gu Yanhao’s face…

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