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Chapter 205: How To Deal With Her Depends On You

Gu Yanhao held his breath slightly as he noticed that she has been staring at him with a complicated gaze, mixed with a sadness that cuts at his heart.  . His hand reached out, brushing the crown of her hair gently. Feeling her temperature was normal, he sighed in relief.

At this point the doctor walked in. After a series of detailed examinations, the doctor informed Gu Yanhao that there wouldn’t be any danger now that the patient has woken up With no fever running, her recovery was progressing well. As long as she was well rested and nursed back to good health, she can recover fully.  The doctor left the room after advising them of the things to pay attention to.

“Poor child.” Old Grandfather Gu approached the bedside, holding Song Wuyou’s hand and lamenting bitterly.

Song Wuyou peeked at Old Grandfather Gu’s kindly face from the bed, her lips curving into a faint smile on their own, her hoarse voice rumbled: “Grandpa, I’m alright.”  Seeing her struggle just to hang a smile on her pale face, Mu Gu’s pupils darkened whereas Gu Yanhao’s heart was distressed.

“Jiumei’s to blame for all this. Such a vicious woman, wanting to force you to death.” Old Grandfather Gu fumed indignantly. “If Song Nan doesn’t start teaching his daughter then I won’t be polite anymore!”

Song Jiumei? Song Wuyou slowly turned to look at Gu Yanhaoㅡit was indeed Song Jiumei!

Gu Yanhao was so unhappy with the way she looked at him at the mention of Song Jiumei’s name that an eyebrow arched to his forehead. This woman, why is she looking at him like that after hearing that it was Song Jiumei who wanted to harm her?

“How to deal with her depends on you.” Gu Yanhao said.

“Where’s Xu Jing?” Song Wuyou suddenly asked.

Gu Yanhao was blindsided by her abrupt change of topic. This woman… can’t she worry about herself first instead of other people?

“Her situation was similar to yours.” It was Mu Gu who answered. “The bone in her left arm was fractured, but she woke up not long after the operation ended. She’s in the ward upstairs.”

Hearing Mu Gu’s voice, Song Wuyou shifted her head to look at him. Towards Mu Gu her gaze was clear and calm, but Mu Gu’s heart was far from calm meeting this gaze of hers. His eyes darkened while looking at her because the first word she uttered upon waking up was ‘Dong’, raising a great storm in him,as if someone held his heart in their hand, purposely squeezing hard and soft whimsically. It gave him a very uncomfortable feeling, a lingering dull pain, but Mu Gu flashed her a brilliant smile, “It’s great you’ve awaken.”

“……” Song Wuyou continued to look at him in silence. From that pair of eyes, she vaguely caught a shadow in his gaze…

The pair staring into each other’s eyes in silence for so long made Gu Yanhao’s vinegar jar bubble over!

“Wuyou wants to eat porridge, you go buy!” Gu Yanhao coolly ordered Mu Gu.

“Does she?” Mu Gu knew what Gu Yanhao was thinking, so he obnoxiously declared: “I didn’t hear her say she wants to eat porridge.”

“The doctor just said Wuyou cannot eat anything yet, she must wait for another six hours.” Old Grandfather Gu kindly reminded Gu Yanhao.

Gu Yanhao shot his Grandfather a quick glare. Why is he helping Mu Gu?

“Did you hear that? Wuyou can’t eat anything at the moment.’ Still, Mu Gu was a gentleman. Knowing Gu Yanhao was unhappy with him around ‘here’, he stood up, flashing a roguish smile at Song Wuyou as he said: “I’m relieved that you’re fully conscious now. You have no idea how worried I was as your good friend. Rest well and don’t think of too much nonsense, I’ll come visit you again tomorrow. I’m going back to feed my sheep.”

Don’t know why, but every time Song Wuyou heard him mention his sheep, she would feel light-hearted.

“Okay.” She nodded. Although she didn’t smile, the indifference in her eyes was less compared to usual. This gaze directed not at him made Gu Yanhao feel superfluous.

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