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Chapter 206: If I Have Feelings For Her, Mrs. Gu Definitely Won’t Be Your Turn!


After Mu Gu left,  Old Grandfather Gu also left soon after. An old man like him can’t help much with anything. Telling Gu Yanhao to take good care of Song Wuyou, Old Grandfather Gu followed Mu Gu’s shadow out of the patient’s room.

Leaving the hospital, Mu Gu did not head back to the ranch. Instead, he drove round and round repeatedly on the roads near the hospital with the window down fully, letting the strong winds  come whistling in, messing up his hair, and messing with his moodㅡ

“You’re very familiar with Mu Gu?” Inside the room, Gu Yanhao asked jealously as he pulled a chair closer to the bedside.

“He’s the only friend I have who doesn’t dislike me.” Song Wuyou answered. Her expression was frighteningly serene, suggesting that she didn’t realize how much her body was hurting.

There it is again. Whenever he was before her she would only show this calm expression, no longer as enthusiastic as she used to be. Gu Yanhao’s pupils darkened and his chest felt stuffy, yet, looking at her pale face, his heart’s ache for her rose to the top.

“Do you want more water?” he asked, his gaze locked on her calm face.

“No, I am not thirsty.”

“Your voice is hoarse, don’t talk anymore, rest well.”

“Where are they?” Song Wuyou’s eyes looked woefully at Gu Yanhao. He knew the person behind this, and he definitely knew the group of men.

“Detained.” Gu Yanhao gave her a dissatisfied look. “You want to let them go, just like that?”

“Who are they?” Song Wuyou asked instead of answering.

“Dumpling Gang.”

“Gangs?” Song Wuyou was surprised.

“Not really a gang, just the group’s name. A group of orphans gathered together, doing bad things.”

Song Wuyou snorted, “They’re just charging others for their help. The bad ones aren’t them but the people who gave them money.”

A group of orphans… No wonder she felt a loyal bond between them. Song Wuyou was familiar with this kind of bond, just like the bond amongst the soldier brothers she fought a war in her past life, that same kind of loyalty.

“Therefore, the baddest of them is Song Jiumei.” Speaking of that woman, Gu Yanhao’s eyes turned icy.

“What about Song Jiuyue?” Song Wuyou looked at him.

“She wasn’t involved in this matter this time.”

“If she was?” Would he give Song Jiuyue to her to be dealt with?

As if detecting something odd, his eyebrow arched up in gloomy air, half-glaring at Song Wuyou: “Song Wuyou, you still suspect that I have feelings for her?”

“Hard to say you don’t feel anything for her…”

The light in Gu Yanhao’s eyes dimmed, “If I had feelings for her, the position of Mrs. Gu would have never reached your turn.”

“Is she was involved, would you hand her to me to be dealt with?”

“Of course.”

“What if I killed her?”

“As you like. Peel off her skin, dig her heart out, bleed her to death, flay off her flesh. Up to you.”

So cruel, so bloodthirsty.

Song Wuyou frowned uncomfortably, “Them… let them go, don’t lock them up”

Gu Yanhao questioned: “Reason?”

“No reason. Since you left Song Jiumei to me, then they should be as well.” She planned to use another way to deal with this matter.

“Let them go, and they will flee and hide. How will you deal with them then?”

“Letting them go is my way of handling them.”

Anger burned in Gu Yanhao’s heart, but this was what she decided. Fine, he complied, good enough?  He stared at her fixedly with an expression as black as the bottom of a pan before compromising with: “I can let them go, but you must rest and recover well.”

In the days after that, Mu Gu came to visit Song Wuyou every day. This man seemed to possess only humorous genes.Every time he came around, he made Song Wuyou very happy. He said, this way, she would be able to leave the hospital faster, that time moves faster.

It was indeed as he had said. In the blink of an eye, one week has passed.

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