ENH C207(A)

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Chapter 207 (A): I Feel Relax With You

A week later, Song Wuyou had recovered tremendously. Though she was prohibited from lifting heavy things and performing rigorous activities, she was walking on her own. A healthy color returned to her face, unlike the deadly pale color she had in the beginning.  In order to get well sooner, she forced herself to eat despite having no appetite. Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu brought her different food that was light and nutritious.

For an entire week Gu Yanhao bore witness to Mu Gu telling Song Wuyou a variety of jokes and funny stories to make her laugh, building so much stress in Gu Yanhao that he felt like punching Mu Gu in the face, but, on second thought, perhaps he was being too sensitive.

Mu Gu liked to talk. He must have been bored senseless keeping herds of cattle and sheep company most of the time. Thus, in front of Song Wuyou, he couldn’t stop talking. After all, Song Wuyou didn’t seem happy being confined to the hospital bed.


Seeing Song Wuyou laughing in front of Mu Gu, with Mu Gu, Gu Yanhao was laden with a heavy heart. Why did this woman laugh in front of everyone but him?  For the first time in his life, Gu Yanhao felt that he’d lost to Mu Gu in terms of making a woman laugh.

Frustrating, so frustrating.

Another three days went by and Song Wuyou’s condition improved. Her color looked better and better, but Xu Jing’s recovery wasn’t as speedy as Song Wuyou’s.Her bones were taking longer to heal. Still, Xu Jing was able to get off the bed and walk around. Feeling bored, she would often run to Song Wuyou’s room to pass the time.

Today, at this hour, Xu Jing needed to return to her own bed to change her drip. In the room, there was Mu Gu accompanying Song Wuyou. He held his mobile in his hand, searching the web for many different funny stories to read out to Song Wuyou.  Song Wuyou laughed heartily until her face was apple red. Mu Gu felt thirsty from all the talking, so he moved toward the bedside table and poured himself a glass of water. Watching Song Wuyou laughing so merrily, Mu Gu raised his head to drink water, hiding the darkened shimmer in his eyes.

“Being with you is so relaxing.” Song Wuyou reached out to grab her thermos from the nightstand and took a few sips.

“It’s not relaxing being with Ah Hao?” Mu Gu asked.

Song Wuyou smiled, “The feeling both of you give me is totally different.”

Mu Gu leaned back against the chair, arms stretching to the back while winking flirtatiously at Song Wuyou, sending her a cool handsome bishounen smile laced with a slightly devilish charm, “You agree I’m very cool, much cooler and better looking than Ah Hao?”

“No.” She was not someone that judges by appearances.

Mu Gu placed one hand over his heart with an extremely dejected, wounded expression plastered on his face, “Oh, don’t hold back. Tell the truth, I am very handsome.”

“Yes, you’re very handsome, just not more than me.” Gu Yanhao’s cold voice sounded from the doorway.  The two people in the room turned around to look, and saw Gu Yanhao exquisitely attired in a western suit, one hand carrying a tiffin box and the other a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Song Wuyou’s gaze landed on the bouquet of fresh flowers.

Oh my, is this man giving her flowers now? This was really a first ah.

Gu Yanhao cast a cold indifferent look in Mu Gu’s direction, “You idle man, you’ve stayed with her for an entire day. You can scram now.”

“It’s only noon now, it’s not a day.” Mu Gu then whistled loudly at the bouquet of flowers in his hand, a little teasing as he asked, “Yo, playing the romantic card?”

“What has it got to do with you?”

“Sigh, since you’re here, I’ll roll out of the way, save myself from getting soured.” Mu Gu stood up, waving a hand at Song Wuyou, “Wuyou, I’m going back to the ranch. I’ll be back on time to see you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Song Wuyou nodded and smiled.

Seeing her smile at Mu Gu totally rubbed Gu Yanhao the wrong way.  Even after Mu Gu left the room, her eyes were still staring at the door. Gu Yanhao shifted his entire body in front of her, blocking her view: “Mu Gu’s left!”

“I know ah.” Song Wuyou retrieved her gaze, raising her eyes up looking at Gu Yanhao with a faint smile.

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