ENH C208

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Chapter 208: Song Wuyou Hits Song Jiumei

Suddenly, the always locked, thick, heavy door was unlocked from outside. A crepuscular ray of light shone into the dark room.  After a moment of surprise, Song Jiumei dashed over to the door, wanting to run out, but she was blocked by two heavyset bodyguards.

“I want to go out!” Song Jiumei struggled with all her might to get out. One of the guards pushed her with his thick, muscular arm, sending her back into the dark room.

The two bodyguards entered into the room, each guarding one side on the left and right, leaving a path in the middle. Through this path, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou walked in.

Gu Yanhao was his usual cold stoic self, and a faint smile hung at the corners of Song Wuyou’s mouth. This faint smile encompassed cold indifference, ridicule, disdain, and a smidge of smugness…

“Song Wuyou, you…!” Before her the word slut could escape her mouth, Song Jiumei managed to hold herself back. No, she must leave this place! She must put down her dignity and beg this whore!

“Wuyou, I beg you, let me go out, okay?” Song Jiumei approached Song Wuyou, wanting to hold her hand.  Song Wuyou quickly retreated half a step before she could do so. She sneered, watching Song Jiumei as she asked, “Do you think that’s possible?”


Song Jiumei’s heart quivered hearing Song Wuyou’s answer.

Looking at Song Wuyou, she tried again, “What are you saying?”

“For the rest of your life, you’ll spend it being locked up here.”

“No―I!” Song Jiumei lost it and started shrieking. She turned towards Gu Yanhao with a pleading look in her eyes, “Young Master Gu, I was wrong. I beg you, let me go. I was wrong!”

Gu Yanhao watched Song Jiumei’s antics with condescension. This woman, this face… every second spent looking at her only heightened the disgust he felt.

Gu Yanhao looked away from Song Jiumei towards Song Wuyou, “You can deal with her however you want. Grandfather also gave his word. It doesn’t matter even if you end her life.”

Song Wuyou lifted her chin at Song Jiumei after Gu Yanhao spoke, “Did you hear that? I can kill you.”

“You dare!” Song Jiumei no longer cared to act her ‘Virgin Mary’ image in front of Gu Yanhao. Her face twisted with grim hatred as she stood glowering at Song Wuyou, “I am Song Jiumei, the Song Family’s daughter. I am your sister. Try to kill me if you dare!”

“Sister?” Song Wuyou jeered sarcastically, “Are there any sisters that would force their siblings to death’s door?”

“I didn’t intend to force you to death. I only arranged for a few men to play with you.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed dangerously the more he listened.

Song Wuyou lifted her head and scanned the room. It was a dead room with no window at all, hence the poor air ventilation. One tiny room included everything… The bed and toilet shared the same space, which explained the stink in the air.

Not bad.

Song Wuyou’s lips rose at the corners, her voice commenting lightly, “This room is worse than a prison. You deserve to be locked in this place.”

“…………” A compulsive shiver ran down Song Jiumei’s back. She felt terrified as she looked over at Gu Yanhao. She doesn’t want to be locked up here, no, she doesn’t want to remain here!  Everything here fell into darkness once the door was shut. A meager amount of air seeped in through the narrow gaps, but the air here was still suffocating nonetheless. She will really go insane if she’s locked up here!

Song Wuyou turned around, smiling at Gu Yanhao as she asked, “According to her crime, if we handed the case over to the police, how many years would she get?”

“Thirty.” Gu Yanhao simply provided a number.

Song Wuyou’s smile deepened another degree as she spun to face Song Jiumei, “Then you just stay here for thirty years. When thirty years are up, I will personally come to bring you out.”

“Song Wuyou, you slut!” Thinking she would spend the next thirty years here, Song Jiumei lost it. She lunged furiously at Song Wuyou.

The two bodyguards and Gu Yanhao were alert, but Song Wuyou’s action was much faster than the three of them.

Song Wuyou took a few steps forward, facing Song Jiumei who was coming at her. Song Jiumei was bounding forward like a basketball. Song Wuyou raised her arm and struck across Song Jiumei’s face. A loud, crisp ‘pa!’ sound rang in the tiny ‘cell.’

“Ah―!” Song Jiumei’s head swayed to the side. Off balance, she stumbled and fell to the floor.

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