ENH C209

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Chapter 209: Your Suffering Expression Delights Me

Gu Yanhao’s pupils darkened sharply, yet there was a tiny bit of shock as he looked at Song Wuyou. Even the two burly guards went into a daze due to her super cool fast reaction.

“You dare to hit me?” Sprawled flat on the floor, Song Jiumei’s head whirled around with intense hatred in her eyes as she glared ferally at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou stood in a laid-back manner as she lightly massaged her numbing hand, a slight smile appearing on her lips. The palpable momentum that exuded from her was like that of a regal Queen.

“Hit you, I even dare to kill you!” Her voice was like a shard of ice, with not an ounce of warmth to be found in it.

“Kill me and you will go to jail!”

“Then you don’t need to go to jail if you kill me?” Song Wuyou chided. She turned around to face Gu Yanhao with a slight smile.

Gu Yanhao lost himself for a second, feeling her smile was no longer that of mischievous little fox, but it was just as bright and beautiful.

“Say, will I go to jail if I kill her?” Her unhurried tone seemed to be laced with gentleness. Despite that, the words spoken through her lips were tinged with heavy bloodlust.

Gu Yanhao’s deep gaze followed her every move, a tiny sparkle of mirth hidden in the depth of his eyes, “I said it before: I will support you. Kill whomever you want to kill.”

Song Jiumei was both angry and jealous at the same time as she listened to Gu Yanhao’s declaration. Why was it Song Wuyou who won Gu Yanhao’s love?

Song Wuyou stilled for a second, as if thinking, when suddenly her hands reached out in a whoosh, squeezing Song Jiumei’s throat. The pain coming from her larynx made Song Jiumei struggle, wanting to get out of Song Wuyou’s grip.

Song Wuyou looked coldly and indifferently at Song Jiumei. Watching as her face became twisted, seeing her fighting for air, she truly wanted to strangle her to death. But wouldn’t killing her this way be a little too merciful to her?”

“Song Jiumei, I will let you taste the full extent of torment!” Song Wuyou grinned.

Fear gradually crept into Song Jiumei’s eyes as she looked at Song Wuyouー

“You… you… You’re not Song Wuyou…” Song Jiumei stared fearfully at ‘Song Wuyou. Song Wuyou was nothing but a straw bag in the past, it was impossible for her to contain and show this much hatred. This ‘Song Wuyou’ in front of her terrified Song Jiumei, an unknown Song Wuyou. That’s right, this Song Wuyou made Song Jiumei feel strong danger!

“You are very smart. Indeed, I’m not the same Song Wuyou you used to bully. You orchestrated my car accident, and it wasn’t enough to killi the baby in my stomach, you started again, hiring Liu Zhiming to block my car halfway so they can ‘play’ with me? Song Jiumei, you’re truly vicious!”

Gu Yanhao was akin to an unshakeable mountain as he stood there, pursing his thin lips. If it weren’t because he promised to let Song Wuyou deal with Song Jiumei, he would have already sent her down to report to Hades.

“But vicious people will always get their retribution, and your retribution is to be locked up here for thirty years!” Song Wuyou exerted pressure in her fingers, causing Song Jiumei to cough uncontrollably.

Unable to draw in the slightest bit of oxygen, Song Jiumei’s face became uglier, even more distorted. Inexplicably, watching the suffering Song Jiumei, Song Wuyou felt refreshed. Her lips curved into a satisfied smile, “Watching your suffering face delights me,” she purred, letting go only when Song Jiumei was at the end of her tether.

Song Jiumei crumbled to the floor coughing and panting for breath while at the same time, tears and saliva mixed together, streaking across her face, sullying her usually pampered and satisfied visage.

“Song Wuyou!” Song Jiumei suddenly roared like a cornered animal at Song Wuyou, “I will curse you everyday! Curse you to die a horrible death! Thirty years later when I get out, I will still use every method to kill you!”

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