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Chapter 21: SWY, Your Reputation Is Worse than the Smell Coming from the Sewers

“Isn’t that so? After that car accident, she didn’t die but has become even more arrogant.”


“I threatened her that I’ll tell Daddy to stop her pocket money, but she didn’t even blink, saying that it would be better if it was stopped.”

“Has Young Master Gu been giving her money?” Song Jiuyue’s brows twisted slightly.

“That’s why I asked you, has Young Master Gu divorced her?”

Song Juiyue’s pretty eyes slanted in concentration, “I heard she refused to sign.”

Song Jiumei burst out in laughter with a ‘pooof’, “She did not agree? That doesn’t mean Young Master Gu doesn’t have his own method handle it!”

“Song Wuyou has always been very proud and unyielding, but that is towards outsiders. Hasn’t she always been afraid of us, how come she dared to hit you?” Song Jiuyue had a puzzled expression on her face as she looked at Song Jiumei.

Song Jiumei sulked and voiced out her displeasure: “Today she went shopping in the city mall, even going into Guchun stores, pointing at the dress you designed and started criticizing this and that. I just said a few words to her, and then she hit me.”

Her eyes turned cold when she finished narrating and then added as an afterthought, “This Song Wuyou, actually dared to slap me in front of so many people. When Daddy’s back, I must tell him to stop Song Wuyou’s allowance. Must never let her find a good job in M City!”

After hearing this, Song Jiuyue thought; ‘Song Wuyou is Gu Yanhao’s wife. She appeared in the company’s store and hit her little sister in public, the media should have had a field day with this…’

“Forget about her allowance. When Young Master Gu finds out about her raising her hand on you, it will only increase his dislike towards her.”

“Young Master Gu hating her is a different matter. However, I must let Daddy stop her allowance!”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t want to see Song Wuyou come to our house like a beggar every month, stretching out her hand pitifully asking for her only source of money?” a faint trace of smile made its way into Song Jiuyue’s eyes.

“………” having heard this, Song Jiumei was speechless for a moment.

Seeing her became silent, Song Jiuyue added, “For us, what does those few thousands yuan worth? But, with that few thousands yuan, you can trample all over her dignity again and again, it is money well spent.”

“But, she’s different after surviving that car crash.”

She was not sure if Song Wuyou would come and beg for pocket money like she used to; merely a few thousand yuan to endure and swallow everything like she had in the past.

“What’s different?” Song Jiuyue sneered dismissively, “Even you, she dared to hit. Isn’t the only differences she become more arrogant and naïve?”

“Dajie, try and guess, what clothes she wore today?”

“Which one was it?” Song Jiuyue’s eyes sparkled with a certain meaning.

“A dress that is four years outdated.”

“This Song Wuyou is really embarrassing.” Still wearing something from four years back, how poor could you be?


Song Jiuyue’s prediction really nailed it. The incident where Song Wuyou striking people in a store belonged to the Gu Group hit the media like a hurricane.

The reporting videos only showed Song Wuyou and Song Jiumei’s confrontation seconds prior to Song Wuyou raising her hand and slapping Song Jiumei.

Their conversation was entirely neglected and conveniently not included in the news.

Everyone was blindly siding with Song Jiumei. Harsh and negative words rained on Song Wuyou, and of course, these words did not reached Song Wuyou ears.

The rumors saying Song Wuyou who had become even more arrogant after surviving the car accident spread like gospel.

Accumulating hate from three hundred sixty degrees all around. The public, all were feeling sympathetic towards Gu Yanhao.

For someone as capable as Gu Yanhao, how could he be willing to marry Song Wuyou?

Even if it was the Old Grandfather Gu who had agreed to it, with Gu Yanhao’ s ability he could have refused, but he did not…..

In short, Song Wuyou’s reputation was nothing but smellier than the sewers.

At the time being, Gu Yanhao was leaning lazily on the sofa, cold light gleamed in those eyes as he read the article.

All the passersby being interviewed by the on-scene reporter had accused Song Wuyou of being willful and arrogant.

Despite all what was stated………

Gu Yanhao was frowning. How come he could not see the so-called arrogant and willfulness mentioned there?

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