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Chapter 212: Song Wuyou’s Heart Was Very, Very Gloomy

“……….” Song Wuyou was a thousand times unwilling.

“Be good.”

Gu Yanhao’s large hands cupped Song Wuyou’s small face. Lowering his face down to hers, with gentleness in his obsidian eyes he advised: “First rest. When you’re better, you can make as many dresses as you want.”

Song Wuyou raised her eyes to meet Gu Yanhao’s soft gaze, “Gu Yanhao, if I had died the in the car accident this time, what would you do?” They’d discussed this subject before without coming to a concrete answer.

Her question stabbed at Gu Yanhao’s heart, and Song Wuyou felt his fingers tighten, exuding a little more force.

When he knew she was being held hostage, he even gave up the deal in England that was worth billions. When he listened to Mu Gu recounting the car explosion scene, it felt as if someone had dug their claws into his chest, piercing holes in his heart while squeezing it at the same time.

Suffocation and pain.

When he found out the person behind it was actually Song Jiumei, not only did he want to put a bullet through her brain, he wanted to put a bullet through Song Nan’s entire family. Thinking she could have left him, his whole heart trembled uncontrollably. By the time he rushed to the hospital, she was still in surgery. Waiting outside the operating room, for the first time he experienced the pain of parting, the pain of loss. His eyes turned red at the rims and moisture hung on the edges of his long lashes… but…

“What else can I do? Arrange your funeral.” He just wouldn’t admit it, stubborn fool that he was.

“Hateful!” Song Wuyou pushed away his hands; holding her that way was so uncomfortable. Gu Yanhao’s words reminded Wuyou of her grave as in her dream. Died by Dongfang Xuan’s punishment, then her soul crossed over to the modern era, entering this Song Wuyou’s body but… her own body was still in X Dynasty. Who arranged her funeral?

Dongfang Xuan? Or someone else?

Thinking her body was buried back in her hometown, so very far away, Song Wuyou’s heart was very, very gloomyㅡ Even consorts who fell out of favor were allowed to be buried within the royal tomb and bestowed a posthumous title, but she was sent far away to be buried in her hometown.

What a miserable end! Dongfang Xuan, that heartless man, made it so.

Gu Yanhao wore a faint smile as he looked at her, “Therefore, you must take care of your body well, protect yourself well. If you leave me, I will immediately marry a new flame.”

“Fine, fine, I already know men are unreliable.” Song Wuyou lost all mood to talk with him. She turned around to head upstairs stating, “I’m going to rest in my room.”

Watching her back, the smile in his eyes gradually dimmed as her figure disappeared, growing dark and unfathomable.  Silly girl, if you die, other than feeling pain and loss, what else could I do?

Back in her room, Song Wuyou laid down on her back but no matter what she did,+she failed to enter slumber, not feeling sleepy in the least.  She moved the pillow to support her back as she leaned against the headboard playing with her mobile. This era is so good: when one is feeling bored, there are so many ways to pass the time.

Flipping open her phone, she was thinking to send Mu Gu a text through WeChat, telling him she planned to visit his ranch. Just as she opened the channel, the latest headlines popped up the screen, one of them catching her attention instantly,《Song Family’s Second Miss, Song Jiumei’s raunchy private life uncovered!》

Song Jiumei’s private life? Song Wuyou’s eyebrows arched to her forehead. To her knowledge, although Song Jiumei was proud and arrogant and she was someone that loved herself the most, her private life was definitely not raunchy.  Curious, she tapped on the link. Assorted pictures of Song Jumei in nightclubs accompanied by different men emerged, pictures showing Song Jiumei in bed with different men but her face was a blur in them, even a front facing picture was somewhat vague. Mostly, they showed the woman’s hairstyle, height, silhouette, and dressing which closely resembled Song Jiumei’s.

Was it Song Jiumei?

At the bottom, there were two more pictures with dates, yesterday and the day before, but Song Jiumei was locked up. How could she be out having fun with men yesterday and the day before?

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