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Chapter 213: The Deeper The Love, The More Painful One’s Heart Feels

Other than the facial features being a little blurry, the facial contours as well as the body shape were almost the same as Song Jiumei’s, however, if it wasn’t really Song Jiumei the media would think twice publishing something of this scale. Without a doubt, the Song Family would press charges for slander and defamation. However, if this was Song Jiumei, then who did she see earlier?

No way Song Jiumei know how to split herself into avatars, able to jolly through the night while being locked up by Gu Yanhao, right? Reading that article, Song Wuyou wanted to go down to look for Gu Yanhao. Just as she prepared to get off the bed, Gu Yanhao entered.

“There’s news on Song Jiumei.” Song Wuyou passed her phone over to Gu Yanhao, staring straight into his eyes.

An eyebrow rose, slightly baffled, “Song Family’s looking for people?”

“No, look and you’ll know.”

“What’s nice in reading news about her?” Though his mouth said the words, Gu Yanhao still glanced at the phone. The news headline made his brows wrinkle, deepening as his gaze fell on the two pictures at the bottom. A short moment later, he returned the phone to Song Wuyou.

“Just editors making stories up. Song Jiumei is locked up.”

“But the woman in the photo looks a lot like Song Jiumei,” Song Wuyou insisted.

“The front facing picture is so blurry that you can’t even see the eyes and nose clearly, so where’s the likeness?” Gu Yanhao shot her a wintry glare: “Sleep, you’re not allowed to fiddle with phone.”

“Oh.” Song Wuyou’s thoughts turned as she smilingly agreed, “I am sleepy.” If she said that she wasn’t sleepy, she didn’t know if she would end up on her back, being kneaded like a pretzel.

“I’m sleepy too.” Gu Yanhao stated matter-of-factly, taking off his jacket.

Song Wuyou stared at him in bewilderment: “Why are you taking off your jacket?”

After taking off his jacket, Gu Yanhao loosened his tie, even flipping his hair, looking imminently desirable, wild and sexy. (caution: ad-lib!) His lips tilted up at the corners, “Of course it is to sleep.”

“Return to your own room.”

“Didn’t I tell you? We will be sharing a bed and a pillow.” Even as he said that, Gu Yanhao’s long silhouette had already found a comfortable position on the bed.

Feeling the side of bed sinking in, Song Wuyou quickly shifted her body to the opposite side, far from him, muttering sulkily under her breath, “You say, you say, everything is said by you.”

Gu Yanhao’s smirk deepened as if he was in a very good mood. His arms hooked around her body, pulling her just-shifted body back to the original position.

“Gu Yanhao, what are you doing?” Song Wuyou courageously turned to face him, eyes wide open, glowering at him.

He had his hand around her slim waist. Even through her clothes, she could clearly feel the warmth of his hand. Lips curved at a seductive angle, he said, “Embracing you while you sleep.”

“Who wants you to embrace me!” Song Wuyou brushed off the hand he’d circled around her waist.

“I’m embracing you anyway.” Gu Yanhao’s hand once again found its way around Song Wuyou’s waist.

“You!!” Song Wuyou was aware how domineering and persistent this man could be. Regardless, he must have his way, and no one could convince him otherwise.

Forget it.

Song Wuyou shot him another glare, turning over to the other side with her back facing him. Let him embrace her if he likes it so much, she doesn’t need to look at his face.

Gu Yanhao watched her back a little grievously, his hand placed lightly around her waist. At this moment there was a tiny pinpricked of pain in his heart; being ignored and neglected felt so uncomfortable…

In the past, he ignored her for so many years, neglected her for just as long… did her heart hurt like his did now? For so many years on end?  No, her heart must have felt worse. He knew the love she felt for him was deeper than his. The deeper the love, the more painful one’s heart feels.

Gu Yanhao moved his long limbs to close the small gap between them, his firm chest stuck close to her back. His hand slid further down, palm resting on her navel.

“Song Wuyou.”

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