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Chapter 214: It’s Definitely Song Wuyou’s Dirty Tricks

“Song Wuyou.” His sultry voice caressed her name.

Feeling his body heat radiating behind her back and the warmth around her navel, Song Wuyou’s body froze slightly. Even her heart beat in an irregular rhythm. She pretended to have fallen asleep as he hugged her stiff body.

“Song Wuyou,” Gu Yanhao purred again, low and husky, adding another layer of seduction to the night. Three simple little words felt like a hand stroking the strings of a zither, playing on Song Wuyou’s heartstrings. A myriad of complicated feelings ran through Song Wuyou’s heart. This kind of complexity, not even she herself could describe or clarify it…

“Jiuyue, you’re finally back. What actually happened?” Mrs. Song paced back and forth in the living room. She had seen the article about Song Jiumei’s raunchy private life, but in no way she would believe that her daughter was someone like that. There were pictures showing her daughter in hotels and on beds with men, but she was unable to reach Song Jiumei’s phone.

Didn’t she hide herself so that Gu Yanhao’s lawyers couldn’t find her? How could she be photographed entering hotels with some man? Once the news got out, wouldn’t Gu Yanhao’s lawyers be able to locate her immediately?

Mrs. Song was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. after waiting hours for Song Jiuyue to finally come back. Seeing Song Jiuyue, Mrs. Song hurried to her side, a hand grasping her shoulder like someone clinging to a float when they were drowning.

Song Jiuyue had a grave expression on her face. “I also don’t know what happened, only that Jiumei’s reputation is irreparable now.” Just now another news update hit the media, with someone claiming he was a doctor of a certain hospital who examined Song Jiumei today, stating Song Jiumei had caught syphilis.

The instant this news was posted everyone who associated with Song Jiuyue in one way or another kept their distance, all looking at her with weird expressions on their faces as if she was the one with syphilis, as if afraid she would infect them with a single look.

Song Jiuyue was Song Jiumei’s sister; she knew her younger sister’s character well. She wasn’t the type to mess around outside, even more so to the point of contracting a sexually transmitted disease so she looked for the person who wrote that article, wanting to get to the bottom of the matter, but that person used a pseudonym and hid the IP address so well that even her IT expert failed to locate both the person who the Article and that so-called doctor Song Jiumei supposedly consulted. Both of them were hidden too well.

She couldn’t find the person who wrote that article, and she couldn’t get a hold of Song Jiumei, so she was just as anxious as Mrs. Song.

“It’s impossible that my daughter would mess around with men like that, right? Could there be some mistake?” A light bulb switched on in Mrs. Song’s head as she suggested: “Or perhaps someone is trying to frame her.”

“We’ll discuss this later we get in touch with Jiumei,’ Song Jiuyue said in a grave tone.

“I also want to ah, but I couldn’t get her ah. Your Dad just called back. Because of Jiumei’s matter, Song Group’s shares plummeted sharply. He’s trying to salvage the situation with the other shareholders.” Mrs. Song’s face suddenly became twisted, “It must be Song Wuyou playing dirty tricks, causing Jiumei’s reputation to suffer so horrendously!”

Song Jiuyue shook her head in disagreement, “Not likely. She has been in the hospital recently.”

“Hospital? Why?” She couldn’t be pregnant, could she?

“Hearsay it was an accident. Her car exploded and she was heavily injured. Only discharged two days ago.”

Mrs. Song was suspicious, “Such a big matter, how come it’s not in the news? The press loves to write about everything Song Wuyou does because everything she does increases sales for them.”

Hearing this, Song Jiuyue felt her mother’s words were reasonable. Song Wuyou was the very newsworthy  Mrs. Gu, who had been injured in a car accident, so why wasn’t she in the news…?

The last car accident, it was broadcasted on every station…

The light in Song Jiuyue’s eyes dimmed, “Maybe Young Master Gu suppressed it , not allowing anyone to leak the information to the media.”

Mrs. Song gritted her teeth, filled with hatred, “Even a car explosion didn’t kill that useless bastard… Her life is really good!”

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