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Chapter 215: Song Jiumei Is Dead

Signs of lethargy were obvious on Song Jiuyue’s face. “This isn’t the time to be cursing Song Wuyou, better think of how to contact Jiumei.”

Mrs. Song stamped her foot in agitation, “How to get hold of her? I called her mobile phone a thousand times but it doesn’t get connected. How do you expect me to get her?” Mrs. Song thumped her stifled chest, “I keep having this feeling that something happened to Jiumei. My chest feels heavy and it’s hard to breathe. My left eyelid has been twitching all day.”

Song Jiuyue retorted matter-of-factly, “She’s already a headliner, don’t you think that suffices as ‘something happened’? Not only did something happen to Jiumei, it also happened to the Song Group and to me.”

Mrs. Song looked at Song Jiuyue in confusion, “What happened to you? Did Young Master Gu fire you?” To Mrs. Song, being fired was a good thing. This way Jiuyue could give up and go work in Song Group.

“That’s not it.” Song Jiuyue didn’t feel like talking. Looking at Mrs. Song, she ended the conversation with: “I’m going upstairs.”

“Madame.” The housekeeper ran in abruptly from the side hall, looking all flustered. “Just now someone called, saying they found Second Miss.”

Song Jiuyue was surprised while Mrs. Song was overjoyed, “Is that true? Where is she?”

“Brilliant Era Factory in South City.”

“I’m going to her!” Mrs. Song wasted no time. In a few steps she was already gone from the living room.

Song Jiuyue pondered for a moment and followed from behind.

At the same time in South City’s Brilliant Era Factory, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou were standing in front of a small building. Gu Yanhao’s face was icy even as he looked at the scene before him, as if he were merely looking at a dead pig, whereas Song Wuyou was slightly frowning. Regardless of her eight years on the battlefield in her previous life,  afterlooking at Song Jiumei’s rotting corpse sprawled on the ground she couldn’t help feeling queasy.

Song Jiumei was wearing white cropped pants matched with a sleeveless chiffon blouse. Her exposed skin had started to rot, her face, shoulders, arms, legs…

Appalling… She just saw her looking healthier than a mighty tiger just the day before yesterday, but today, she was dead. Furthermore, her body was decaying and rotting fast.

She and Gu Yanhao were working in the office when one of the guards called Gu Yanhao to report that Song Jiumei was dead. Both of them rushed over from the office, assuming Song Jiumei committed suicide by knocking her head against the walls or perhaps biting off her own tongue, but neither of them imagined her death would be so ugly.

Gu Yanhao questioned the guards. All of them said other than Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou, no one else entered to see Song Jiumei. Gu Yanhao thought of the news flash he saw, claiming Song Jiumei had contracted syphilis.  Could her death caused by her disease? But doesn’t this disease kill slowly? Her skin looked normal just two days ago…

“Take it away.” Gu Yanhao ordered his guards. The guards nodded.

Gu Yanhao turned to look at Song Wuyou, watching as she frowned tightly while staring at Song Jiumei’s corpse.

He asked curiously, “What is it?”

Was she upset over Song Jiumei’s death? In fact, he knew Wuyou didn’t want her life. What she really wanted was to lock her up for thirty years and slowly torment her. But, he wondered, would Song Jiumei’s sudden death make her sad as a sister?

“Nothing,” Song Wuyou looked away from the body, her eyes glancing at Gu Yanhao as she said, “Let’s leave.”

“En.” As if it was a habit, Gu Yanhao reached out to hold her hand.  

Song Wuyou paused, lowering her head to look at his hand. She had no idea when it started, no idea when he developed this habit of holding her handㅡ

“What about Song Jiumei?” Song Wuyou asked.

“There’ll be people coming to collect her.”

“What if no one comes?”

“Then let her be a stray ghost spirit.” [1]

“But, isn’t this factory yours?” Like this, can this factory still operate?

Gu Yanaho turned sideways, a smug smirk on his face, “This is the most worthless factory.”

“Oh.” The rich are truly different.



  1. Let her be a stray ghost spirit – Chinese old folks/religious beliefs that a dead person must be buried properly with funeral rites conducted so that they can have a smooth journey to the underworld and be reincarnated. Those that did not would remain roaming (stray spirits/ ghost), and cannot reincarnate for a very very long time. Those who died a gruesome death were said to turn into malignant/evil spirits seeking vengeance.

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