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Chapter 216: Borrowing Money From Gu Yanhao

“Don’t think too much.” Gu Yanhao’s hand brushed the top of her head. “I ordered people to make a call to the Song Family. They will come over very soon.”

“En.” Song Wuyou answered simply.

“You seem absent-minded,” Gu Yanhao observed as he studied her.

“It’s just that I think Song Jiumei died too quickly.”

“…………” This point occurred to Gu Yanhao too.

“The Song Jiumei that I knew wasn’t that type of promiscuous woman. She set a high bar in liking you. Do you really think she would mess around outside?”

Gu Yanhao was upset by hearing his own wife emphasize that Song Jiumei liked him. His eyes darkened like a brewing storm.

“The minute the news about her contracting syphilis broke out, Song Jiumei was dead. Even the way her body decayed is abnormal.”

An eyebrow perked up, “You’re saying that Song Jiumei was murdered?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “Yes.”

“But the guards watching her said no one besides us have come in contact with her.”

“Those guards also need to rest, eat, and shit right?” Song Wuyou added, “People who wanted to hurt her would figure out a way to get close to her.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed as he contemplated what Song Wuyou just said, feeling that it was logical. The look in his eyes deepened as a flicker of astonishment disappeared quickly: could it be him?


Ten minutes after Gu Yanhao, Song Wuyou, and the guards left, Mrs. Song and Song Jiuyue appeared at the main road leading up to the factory.  They rushed into the factory building as soon as they exited the car, shouting Song Jiumei’s name as they searched the space one by one, floor by floor.

Finally, Mrs. Song found Song Jiumei in a small room.

“Ah—!!” Seeing the rotting flesh that was Song Jiumei sprawled on the dirty floor, Mrs. Song screamed in fright. Her hands flew to her mouth, eyes wide in horror, unable to believe yet unable to look away from the body. Mrs. Song was shaking, but at this moment, it was as if her heart stopped beating.

Song Jiuyue immediately hurried to her location after hearing her scream. Noticing the corpse on the floor, her mind went totally blank.

The atmosphere around the Song Family’s villa was heavy.

Until the end, Song Nan refused to believe Song Jiumei’s cause of death was syphilis. He hired a forensic team, but the conclusion he got was that Song Jiumei did indeed die due to syphilis.


Mrs. Song was most proud of her two daughters, but now one of them had died of syphilis, leaving her extremely heartbroken. Song Jiumei’s death brought great sorrow to Song Nan and Mrs. Song. Because Song Jiumei’s body was way too decayed, she was cremated – and there was barely anyone present at her funeral.

What pained Song Nan even more was that the news about Song Jiumei dying of syphilis heated up even more, affecting the Song Group’s share price. In a mere three short days, funds flowed out faster than water with no resources coming in.  Very quickly, the Song Group was in a bind. Banks had begun to refuse loans to Song Nan. Left with no other fast solution, Song Nan could only turn to Gu Yanhao. At that moment he only needed five hundred million.  As long as he had five hundred million, the Song Group could hold the fort for some time.

On this day, Song Nan came to Gu Yanhao’s office. Coincidentally, Song Wuyou was drinking soup in his office. Seeing her there, Song Nan relaxed, thinking that with Song Wuyou around things should be easier.  Song Nan got straight to the point, informing Gu Yanhao of the purpose of his visit without twists and turns.

Sitting in his large armchair in the office, the corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips tilted up at a perfect degree, exposing an inexplicable smile as he listened to Song Nan’s words.  His obsidian eyes sparkled like stars in the night sky, as bottomless as a deep ancient pool, leaving others unable to guess what he was thinking.

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