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Chapter 217: So What?

This expression of his made Song Nan anxious. Although Gu Yanhao seemed to be smiling, it gave others a chilling sensation.

“Ah Hao, now, only you can save Song Group.” Song Nan put on a helpless bitter face as he looked at Gu Yanhao.

“Not lending.” Gu Yanhao’s low voice sounded.

“What?” Song Nan froze. He stared at Gu Yanhao, hardly believing what he had just heard. “Not… not lending?”

Was there a son-in-law that treated their father-in-law this way?

Song Wuyou was also stunned. She raised her head, glancing in Gu Yanhao’s direction for less than a second before continuing to drinking her soup.

The soup Sis Song made was really delicious, and when combined with her determination to grow stronger, her appetite was very good indeed.

“Even if I loan you five hundred million, you still won’t be able to save Song group, so it’s better not to loan.” Gu Yanhao looked at Song Nan with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

“It can be saved!” Song Nan guaranteed confidently, “As long as you’re willing to loan me five hundred million, I definitely can return Song Group to the way it was before. The share price will definitely go up again!”

Pausing briefly, Song Nan mustered up more courage. “If five hundred million isn’t possible, then would you loan me one billion?”

“One billion?” Gu Yanhao’s brow arched up another degree. His eyes grew sharp as he sized up Song Nan, “How much is your living consumption for one year?”

Song Nan was stupefied, not knowing why Gu Yanhao would suddenly ask such a question. He answered honestly, “My expenses alone are three million a year.”

“How old are you this year?”

“Fifty-six.” Why was he asking this?

“According to your current annual expenses, one billion is enough for you to live for thirty years.”

Song Nan: “………..”

Gu Yanhao’s smile remained as is, “Moreover, at your age, you’re going to retire very soon. Why don’t you close down Song Group and enjoy growing old at home.”

Song Nan’s face grew ugly at Gu Yanhao’s words. Fixing a deadly stare at Gu Yanhao, Song Nan nearly spat the words, “In the end, you’re not lending?”

“If I lend you five hundred million and you cannot save Song Group, doesn’t that mean my money is gone in vain?” Gu Yanhao shrugged.

“Ah Hao, my father and your grandfather are brothers that went through life and death together…”

“Unfortunately, my father and you are not very close,” Gu Yanhao interjected.  Song Nan’s face grew uglier still, then, Gu Yanhao felt Song Wuyou looking at him. He turned towards her with a genuine smile in his eyes, asking, “Finished?”

Song Wuyou put the jar down on the coffee table, nodding at him, “En.”

“Just put the things there, I will tell Secretary Zhang to wash them later.”

Song Wuyou, “Okay.” One should enjoy life more when they can.

“Wuyou, see, Dad’s company needs a large amount of funds to tide them through this problem. Can you…” Song Nan turned around to face Song Wuyou. Although he didn’t finish the words,  the meaning was obvious enough.

“ Can I speak to my husband on your behalf?” Song Wuyou smiled faintly.

A twinkle appeared deep in Gu Yanhao’s eyes. Even though she always acted cold towards him, still, the word ‘husband’ flowed naturally from her mouth, straight into his heart. He watched her curiously, wondering if she would speak on behalf of Song Nan.

“You also know Jiumei’s matter greatly impacted the Song Group. The shareholders are complaining everyday, and your Mother is sick in bed due to Jiumei’s departure…”

“What has this got to do with me?” Song Wuyou’s expression suddenly turned frosty.

Song Nan was dumbfounded, completely bewildered as he looked at Song Wuyou, “You…”

“She is not my mother…” Song Wuyou’s bright eyes were clear and cold and directed towards Song Nan, “…and as she has never treated me as her daughter, why should I acknowledge her as my mother?”

“But I am your father.” Song Nan blurted.

Song Wuyou was indifferent, “So what?”


Author’s Note: Do you think our Miss Song is cruel to treat Song Nan this way?

E/N: Song Nan set the terms on what manner of abuse could be bestowed upon Wuyou throughout her youth and in her marriage. He should have been locked in the room with Jumei because he created the monster that was Jumei.



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