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Chapter 219: Truly An Unfilial Daughter  

Song Nan was really in an embarrassing situation: if Song Jiuyue had five hundred million, would he need to pull down his face and come here begging them?

“You are also my daughter. Regardless, you also stayed in Song Family for so many years until you married Young Master Gu. Even in these three years, I still provided you with allowance money. Now that Daddy has some difficulties, you have the ability to help. It can also be considered as repaying me for raising you for the past fourteen years.”

Song Nan’s words sounded mild but anyone with a little brain could hear the underlying meaning: he raised Song Wuyou for fourteen years, so regardless of how she felt,, Song Wuyou should repay him.

A smile emerged on Gu Yanhao’s face as he listened to Song Nan’s words, his long slender fingers tapping on the table’s surface, following a beguiling rhythm. Song Nan turned around. Catching the smile on his face and those unfathomable eyes, a bad feeling filled Song Nan’s heart. The unease made Song Nan look away quickly, back to facing Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou sat on the sofa across from Gu Yanhao, head raised, looking at Song Nan with a faint smile on her face.

Song Nan swallowed nervously. Why did these two people’s smiles give him the same feeling? Their gazes, clear-cut and cold, and void of emotions made others unable to guess what they were thinking.

“Gratitude for raising me for fourteen years…” She scrunched her brows a little, shifting toward Gu Yanhao, “How should it be repaid?

Gu Yanhao gave her a brilliant smile, “One year one million.”

Song Wuyou did a quick calculation, eyes widening, “Isn’t that giving fourteen million?”

Gu Yanhao nodded, “En.”

Song Wuyou shot Song Nan an expression that clearly said ‘You profited.’

Song Nan’s face twisted with anger. This was the most humiliating day in his entire life. Putting down his old face to come here, asking for Song Wuyou’s help, yet they’re giving him a measly fourteen million?

Unfilial daughter! Truly, what an unfilial daughter!

“Dad, in the last three years, I really want to thank you for giving me three thousand allowance money monthly as if you were sending off a beggar. In return, we will give you fifteen million, so the allowance money has been calculated inside.” Song Wuyou stood up, giving Gu Yanhao a sweet, sweet smile saying, “I’m going back to work.’

There was mirth in Gu Yanhao’s eyes, “En, I will tell Finance to transfer the money to father-in-law’s account later.” Sending off Song Wuyou with his smiling eyes, Gu Yanhao did not retrieve his gaze even after she disappeared from view.

Song Nan once again experience himself turning into invisible air in front of Gu Yanhao.

Song Nan turned around, displaying a flattering smile on his face, “Ah Hao, no matter what I am still considered as your father-in-law. That five hundred million…”

“Twenty million.” Gu Yanhao suddenly spoke. Moving away from the door, the warmth in his eyes were replaced by coldness looking at Song Nan, “Looking at the sake that you’re my father-in-law, I’ll give you twenty million. Fifteen million is Wuyou’s repayment to you for fourteen years of care, the remaining five million, take it as dowry for marrying her.”

Song Nan gritted his teeth secretly hearing Gu Yanhao’s words.

“Twenty million is a gap from five hundred million. See, five hundred million is nothing to you, but to me, it can save the entire Song Group…’

“Excuse me,” Gu Yanhao’s lips curved up in a powerless smile, “My wife is very strict, so all my money is handled by my wife. Five hundred million to me is my entire life’s cigarette money.”

Gu Yanhao picked up a document from the side and started to read through it. “Father-in-law, go back. Before noon, the twenty million will be remitted into your account.”

Throwing this sentence out to Song Nan, Gu Yanhao entered work mode.

“Ah Hao…” Song Nan took a step forward, but watching Gu Yanhao’s serious expression while working, exuding an overpowering momentum, Song Nan swallowed the words that were at the tip of his tongue. Time ticked by. Song Nan stood there for a dozen minutes and it didn’t seem as if he had any intention to leave just like that.

Gu Yanhao did not chase him out, picking up another document after another.

“President, it’s time for your meeting.” At one point, Secretary Zhang walked in carrying a heap of documents needed for a meeting.

“En.” Gu Yanhao signed his name on one of the documents before closing the file and standing up. Surprised flickered in his eyes seeing Song Nan still there, “Father-in-law, why are you still here?”

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