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Chapter 22: Song Wuyou, Let Me See How Long Can You Keep This Up

From the beginning till the end, the clown he saw on the video had been Song Jiumei.

When Song Jiumei was cursing while pointing a finger at her face, the expression on her face has only one word to describe ― calm.

Even the action of slapping the other’s cheek seemed like model behavior.

Before, when Song Wuyou wanted to hit someone, she would not have slapped the other person, instead, she would directly lunge towards the opponent and pulled their hair….

“Young Master, Manager Liu has sent over the surveillance video.” At this point, Ah De who had been standing guard outside the study walked in while holding his mobile phone up.

“En,” Gu Yanhao assented with a deadpanned face.

Ah De placed his mobile phone on the coffee table to make it easier for Gu Yanhao to view the already playing video.

On the screen, it showed Song Wuyou and Xu Jing as they entered Guchun’s store.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were cold as he watched, and a chill gleamed in his eyes when he saw Song Wuyou scolding Song Jiumei without swearing even once.

This woman had successfully choked Song Jiumei with anger with just a few simple sentences−−what a skill.

Their exchanges coming from the playing video rang clear in his ears.

Judging from the sequence of event, Song Wuyou had not been at fault. She wasn’t
the one who started the argument.

It was Song Jiumei who looked for trouble the moment she showed up at the store. But, the people’s fingers pointed at Song Wuyou as the attacker.

“Who is she?” after the short video ended, Gu Yanhao’s icy voice could sound.

“???” Ah De had no idea who his master was referring to specifically all of a sudden.

Ah De had yet to open his mouth and asked away when Gu Yanhao added, “The next time I visit the store, I do not want to see her face there.”

Hearing this, Ah De immediately understood.

He quickly nodded, “Yes, Young Master!”

Then, he secretly peeked at Gu Yanhao’s face. Since when did Young Master start being concerned about Young Madame’s problem? Even firing the sales advisor who had offended Young Madame…….

Ah De could only obediently take back his mobile phone. Not long after, the mobile phone in Gu Yanhao’s pocket rang.

Taking out the phone, the screen ID flashed−–Song Jiuyue.

Accepting the call, Gu Yanhao’s eyes were just as cold as his voice: “Speak.”

“Young Master Gu, are you free? I’ll treat you dinner.” Song Jiuyue were standing in front of the mirror, turning left and right before she felt satisfied by what she saw from the reflection.

“Not free.” Gu Yanhao refused her ― cold to the point.

“…………” the smile on Song Jiuyue’s face vanished instantly when she heard the two word reply.

“I made quite some changes to the design sketches. I was thinking of going over them with you over a meal.”

“Send the revised designs to the encrypted mailbox. I will look at them tomorrow at the office.”

“Have you eaten?”

Gu Yanhao hung up the phone call. He did not even bother to give her an answer.

Flinging the mobile onto the sofa, he caught someone’s shadow near the staircase.

Gu Yanhao’s sharp eyes were full of impatience, “What is Song Wuyou doing upstairs?”

Xu Jing was shivering with fear as the recipient of his pointed gaze, she could not help but stuttered, “sle… sleeping.”

Hearing this answer, his eyes narrowed.

That woman would go to sleep so early?

Had she not used to love strutting back and forth in front of him?

Every day when he comes back to the villa, she would annoyingly shower him with many, many questions, pestering him.

Even if he had heedlessly avoided answering, and only showed her a dark, gloomy face, she would continue twittering in front of him by herself.

Why did her action today be such a contradictory?

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips curved in a ridicule sneer. ‘Song Wuyou, let me see how long can you keep this up.’


Song Wuyou was not really asleep.

She was sitting in front of her vanity table, drawing something.

Just now, she had used Xu Jing’s phone to go online and looked some information up.

She found out that anyone could enter this year’s international fashion design competition as long as they registered before the deadline.

There was still two weeks’ time from the deadline. However, she was not sure if she could sketch out a decent work within the remaining time.

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