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Chapter 220: Miss You

Song Nan looked embarrassed and anxious. He swallowed nervously, “Ah Hao, even the banks are rejecting loans for Song Group. I…”

Gu Yanhao looked as if he didn’t hear Song Nan, instructing Secretary Zhang, “Brew a pot of Longjing tea, Chief Long likes to drink Longjing tea.”

Secretary Zhang nodded, “Yes, President.”

“Father-in-law, please go out. I need to be in a meeting.” Gu Yanhao stood towering over Song Nan, impassive.

Judging from his attitude, this man won’t give him a loan no matter what.

Song Nan raised his head aggressively, putting on the full bearing of a father-in-law, “Ah Hao, you really want to be so heartless?”

Gu Yanhao thought it funny, “How am I heartless?”

“No matter how you look at it, Jiuyue also contributed a lot to your company?” That Gu Group’s female fashion was so profitable was all his daughter’s credit.

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrow perked up, “I didn’t give Song Jiuyue a salary and performance reward?”

“…….” A single sentence blocked all of Song Nan’s route.

“Do you know how much salary and bonus Song Jiuyue takes home every month?” That figure was higher than any other designer in the market.

“………….” Of course Song Nan knew Song Jiuyue’s package was very high.

Gu Yanhao lifted his hand to look at the watch on his wrist. His clear sharp eyes then turned to Song Nan, “Father-in-law, I need to go to a meeting now. If you like staying in my office, Ah De will accompany you.”


Song Wuyou dived into finishing the dress for Mrs. Jier after leaving Gu Yanhao’s office. Finally, she managed to rush out the two qipao.  The dress flowed smoothly down the mannequin placed in front of Song Wuyou. Admiring the final product, Song Wuyou nodded in satisfaction. In fact, there was nothing different about her qipao designs compared to most qipao available on the market, but with her choices of different cloth, customized tailoring – and to make the qipao stand out more – Song Wuyou added embroidered flower borders at the collar and sleeves.

Her hand embroidery work was extremely fine and delicate, especially the larger pattern of flowers and birds at the center. Admiring the qipao, one could hardly imagine that this delicate work was actually embroidered.  The rich deep orange base acted like the earth , with birds flying over blooming flowers. Worn on the model, it looked like a picturesque scene of nature, flowing with a humbling beauty.

“Miss, so beautiful!” Xu Jing’s eyes lit up staring at the qipao.

Song Wuyou laughed, “I’m beautiful or the qipao is beautiful?”

“Qipao is beautiful, Miss is even more beautiful.”

“Honeyed mouth,” Song Wuyou laughed, “Go pack them properly. Remember to deliver them to Mrs. Jier tomorrow.”


Xu Jing moved to take the qipao off the mannequin with a big grin on her face, praising Song Wuyou as she did, “I didn’t expect Miss’ handiwork to be so agile and delicate, finishing two such beautiful qipaos in such a short time.”

“When I’m free later, I’ll make one for you.” Song Wuyou walked back to her seat.

Her derriere just sat on the chair when a tone sounded from her mobile indicating a new message. The screen brightened and she took a quick glance. The person who sent it was actually Gu Yanhao.

[In meeting, miss you]


This was Song Wuyou’s immediate reaction, but there was a trace of sweetness in her heart. Her hands flew across the screen keyboard: [Focus on your meeting, miss what miss]

Almost immediately the other side replied: [What are you doing?]

When Song Wuyou was typing a reply, the door to her office suddenly opened. Song Jiuyue rushed into the room and came to stand behind her.

When she wanted to ask why she didn’t lend money to Song Nan, her eyes caught the name of the person she was texting with—Gu Yanhao. She even saw the half typed message Song Wuyou was halfway entering.

Song Jiuyue’s face tightened. Even while working Song Wuyou was in communication with Gu Yanhao? A stuffy feeling blocked Song Jiuyue’s chest. Gu Yanhao does such a boring thing?

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