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Chapter 222: Reward You With My Body And Heart

“I am Gu Group’s best designer. Most of the best-selling clothes come from my creations. How can you treat me this way?”

“Then I should pretend nothing is going on when I see you looking for trouble with my wife? Song Jiuyue, I pay you a high salary to design for Gu Group, not come here looking for trouble with my wife.” Gu Yanhao’s frigid voice cut deep.

“Forget it.” Song Wuyou interjected, “I’m not some unreasonable person. No need to apologize, just return to your work.”

Song Jiuyue shot Song Wuyou a fierce glare with all the tears in her eyes and walked out of the room carrying her aching heart.

After Song Jiuyue left the room, Gu Yanhao bent down slightly, fingers softly holding Song Wuyou’s chin as he invited with a charming smile: “Lunch in my office?”

“One moment.” Song Wuyou brushed his hand away. She swiped to a picture on her phone, opening the picture to ask him, “How is it?” It was the picture of the qipao she took earlier.

Looking at the qipao in the picture, the hint of obsidian in Gu Yanhao’s pupils deepened as a trace of amazement flickered past, “Very beautiful!”

Inside, his emotions surged like great waves. Straightening his body, his hand gripped the phone tightly, the amazement lingering in his eyes. His gaze searched her face, and then on to Xu Jing who’d been standing silently on the side this entire time before it returned to Song Wuyou’s face, “Without a sewing machine, you did everything with your hands?”

“Miss did it all by herself.” Xu Jing dared not take any credit.

Song Wuyou looked kindly at Xu Jing, “You’ve helped out a lot.”

Gu Yanhao also looked at Xu Jing, “Increase your bonus.”

Xu Jing was whelmed with the attention.

“It’s a pity that you’re giving such a beautiful qipao to Mrs. Jier.” Gu Yanhao muttered reluctantly.

“Not pity at all, she already transferred five million into my account.” Song Wuyou smiled.  She ‘snatched’ her phone back from Gu Yanhao’s hand. This was her first time getting a huge sum of money relying on herself in this world, therefore Song Wuyou was very happy.

Gu Yanhao was not happy, “She only gave you five million for two qipao?”

Song Wuyou sounded surprised: “Five million is not good enough?”

“If you allow Gu Group to launch your line, your annual sales turnover will definitely exceed five billion.”

Xu Jing’s eyes were sparkling like gold after hearing that! How much money will Miss get ah?

“Really?” Looks like Miss Song Wuyou also sees a lot of money raining down in front of her.

“Of course.” Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out to caress her head.  Lowering his eyes to look at her, low voice sounded, “Song Wuyou, you’ve surprised me once again. The retro design and this qipao, both were very well made.”

Even harder was believing that was this was the Song Wuyou he knew.

Song Wuyou pursed her lips. Not wanting him to become suspicious, she could only tell a white lie, “Ever since I’ve known that Gu Group also caters to this market, I secretly learned how to design and cut, doing everything by hand.”

“Hard work must be rewarded,” Gu Yanhao praised, pinching her cheek.

Song Wuyou hated it every time he did that. She slapped his hand away and raised her head to look at him, “What reward are you prepare to give me?”

“What do you want?” Gu Yanhao’s lips raised at the corner in a devilish charming smile

“I don’t know yet, I’ll tell you once I’ve decided.

“I’ll give you my body and heart, is that enough?” Gu Yanhao bent down again, his handsome face so close to hers.

Light rippled in Song Wuyou’s eyes as she carefully observed his handsome face.  The angle of his lips was perfect, that smile, devilish, tempting. Dark eyes like a deep whirlpool that could suck her in.

AN: Young Master Gu is starting to tease girls? Is that good?


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