ENH C223

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Chapter 223: Not Allowed to Kiss Me As You Like

Song Wuyou’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated. She looked away scoffing, “Your body and heart are not worth money.” Gu Yanhao’s long slender fingers lightly pinched her chin, turning her face back towards his, looking eye to eye.

“You dare to say I’m not worth money?”

Song Wuyou bravely looked back at him, “Why wouldn’t I dare?”

“Your courage/guts is really getting bigger and bigger.” Gu Yanhao flashed a wicked grin, “Punishment.”

“What…” punishment.

Before she could finish her sentence, the man’s head lowered, thin cold lips pressed against her soft, plump ones. Oh Mom, she was kissed again! Song Wuyou’s eyes widened at the face so close to hers, as her brain turned into a blank white screen.

Xu Jing was watching at the side, ‘Hey hey, shy shy ah.’ Such a scene was not suitable for her, therefore she left the room quietly.

Afraid Song Wuyou would try to escape, Gu Yanhao held her small face in place with his fingers. The kiss deepened. Long tongue snaked in, plundering her city. He teased her, sucking and biting, taking pleasure for himself.

Song Wuyou’s head continued to buzz blankly as her heart beat wildly. Her stiff body gradually softened as her breathing became heavy…

After a time of fierce plunder, the kisses turned gentle, soft, slowing down, as if he was tasting a desserts, gently sucking… Until Song Wuyou finally caught her breath and her brain started working again, that’s when Song Wuyou pushed him away brusquely.

With a blushing face she glared at him, “Gu Yanhao, this is the working hour!”

Gu Yanhao was not in the least abashed, “This is my territory. What I say goes.”.

“This is my body. You’re not allowed to kiss me as you like.”

Gu Yanhao’s lips tilted in a devilish smirk, “Says who? You belong to me.”

Song Wuyou grabbed her handbag, and shot him a sulky glare, “Didn’t you say something about lunch?” She quickly stood up and left the room in a huff.

Watching her back leaving at a hurried pace because of shyness, Gu Yanhao let out a low chuckle. Obviously, he was in a very good mood.

The next day, Song Wuyou was planning to deliver the dresses to Mrs. Jier. Gu Yanhao had an appointment with a very important client, but he still personally delivered Song Wuyou to Mrs. Jier’s mansion.

Song Wuyou hooked her fingers through the hangers after getting off the car. Gu Yanhao looked at her saying, “When you’re ready to leave, give me a call beforehand.”

“Okay.” When Song Wuyou got off the car, the doors to the mansion opened. Mrs. Jier came out personally to welcome Song Wuyou.

Today, Mrs. Jier wore a bright red qipao, yet on her, the color doesn’t scream vulgar or dying for attention. Instead, it added an air of nobility and elegance around Mrs. Jier. Every movement exuded an inexplicable tranquil grace.

“Mrs. Jier.” Song Wuyou greeted upon seeing her, eyes shining with awe. Mrs. Jier was one of the few women she has come in contact with. Fifty-something, close to sixty years old, and despite that she managed to keep herself very well, no different than a woman in her forties.

“The last time you were here, you only drank Chrysanthemum tea, I think you must like it very much. I have ordered the servants to prepare a pot of Chrysanthemum tea and some pastries.” Mrs. Jier stepped forward, holding Song Wuyou’s arm in a friendly gesture, smiling happily as she said that.

“The qipaos are ready. I believe on Mrs. Jier it would look even better than this qipao you are wearing.” Song Wuyou said with confidence.

“From your hands, I’m sure it will be beautiful.” Both women continued with polite words as they moved to the living room.

Mu Xin had learned the art of tea brewing. When she heard Mrs. Jier say there was an important guest coming, she deliberately brewed tea and had pastries readied to welcome the guest. When she heard Mrs. Jier’s voice, she smiled and looked up, but when she saw Song Wuyou, the smile on her face stiffened.

Wasn’t this Mrs. Gu, Song Wuyou?

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