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Chapter 224: Song Wuyou and Mu Xin

She is the important guest Mrs. Jier was talking about?    

“Mrs. Gu.” Although Mu Xin doesn’t have a good impression of Song Wuyou, if she is Mrs. Jier’s guest, Mu Xin still needed to be courteous.

“Mu Xin?” Song Wuyou was surprised by Mu Xin being there. She couldn’t help thinking of the younger sister-in-law in her past life while looking at Mu Xin’s face.

Mu Xin noticed that Song Wuyou called out her name directly with a hint of surprise in her eyes. Mu Xin thought to herself, has Mrs. Gu been paying attention to her? Why was her reaction to seeing her like this? They’ve only met that one time at her birthday party, and have no other social link…

“Mu Xin is Junguo’s girlfriend. She’s on term leave so she came over to accompany me,” Mrs. Jier explained smiling. Then she waved her hand, calling Mu Xin, “Mu Xin, come, look what Mrs. Gu… calling you Mrs. Gu sounds so distant,” Mrs. Jier looked at Song Wuyou, “Can I call you by your name, Wuyou?”

Song Wuyou nodded. Her eyes were soft and smiling as she looked at Mu Xin: “Of course.”

Mrs. Jier showed a graceful smile. Out of the corner of her eye, she gave the servant who took the bag from Song Wuyou’s hand a signal. The servant quickly understood, removing the two qipao Song Wuyou created from of the bag.

“Mu Xin, come take a look at the qipaos- Wuyou made.” Mrs. Jier smiled beautifully; in fact, she hasn’t stopped smiling since Song Wuyou arrived.

Mu Xin was dumbfounded, Song Wuyou can tailor qipao? She observed Song Wuyou with doubt in her eyes. Today, Song Wuyou’s style was very bright and cheerful. Her bangs were swept to the side, revealing her smooth rounded forehead, the rest of her hair was pulled up in a casual ponytail, showing her beautiful hairline. A goose yellow A-line summer dress accentuated her figure perfectly. Her skin was excellent, delicate and moist. Just looking at it from the side, one can imagine how smooth it would be to the touch. All this matched with a pair of pink flat sandals, showing her individual pearl like toes.

Mu Xin studied Song Wuyou from head to toe., She had to admit, this style of Song Wuyou’s was indeed quite perfect. The only negative is that she was more on the petite side, about five feet two, yet she held herself with an extraordinary grace that made her stand out from others.

The servant had removed both qipao from the bag. Seeing the actual product, Mrs. Jier loved them both so much.

“They’re so beautiful!” In fact, all her qipao were tailored by well-known masters, yet when she saw Song Wuyou’s qipao she couldn’t help gushing for they were really gorgeous! Especially the embroidered patterns; they were more perfect than any machine sewn work! Mrs. Jier has a special fondness towards qipao’ Even if it was just a simple dinner, she would attend it wearing a qipao.

She has seen so many styles of qipao over the years, but it was the first time she’d seen something like Song Wuyou’s designs.


Absolutely perfect!

Too perfect!

Even Mu Xin was stunned by the qipao in Mrs. Jier’s hands.

“This…” Mu Xin stepped closer, a hand reaching out to touch an embroidered peony flower, exclaiming out loud, “God, it’s hand sewn?!”

“This peony flower is as beautiful as the mountains and seas on your dress, and both of them were embroidered by Wuyou. Just by looking at them you can tell Wuyou placed her heart into them.” Mrs. Jier looked like the cat that has eaten the canary as she pointed out the exquisite workmanship to Mu Xin.

When Mu Xin heard that, she was dazed, looking at Mrs. Jier with disbelief, “Aunty, what did you say?!”

Watching Mu Xin’s surprised expression, Song Wuyou thought she looked so cute.

The smile on Mrs. Jier’s face thickened, “The sudden present you received at the party was actually from Wuyou.”

“Is that true?” Mu Xin’s eyes rounded wide, looking at Song Wuyou.

“En.” Song Wuyou nodded.

“But…” Mu Xin frowned, “Jiuyue says you’re usually idle with no skills at all? How could you make such beautiful dresses?”


(Ouchies, that hurts!)

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