ENH C225

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Chapter 225: Rumors Really Cannot Be Believed

Song Wuyou laughed, “People also say that I am very arrogant, wayward, and spoiled. Seeing me, do you think I am like that?”

“No.” Mu Xin shook her head dazedly.

“Rather than listen to others, it is better to experience for yourself.”

Surprised lingered on Mu Xin’s face as she looked at Song Wuyou, “That dress won the first place in the fashion competition. If you sell the rights you can get a lot of money, so why did you gift it to me instead?”

Song Wuyou smiled, “Because you’re warm and lovely. Your temperament suits that dress very well.”

“Not right ah,” Mu Xin shook her head, “Although I wasn’t there at the scene, I watched the live recordings repeatedly. The model wearing that dress was graceful and elegant, a peerless beauty. That model…. was you!”

Mu Xin shocked herself with her own conclusion. That model and that dress were a perfect combination!

Compared to Mu Xin’s surprise and shock, Song Wuyou’s response was calm and collected. She nodded, admitting, “Indeed that was me.”

“Oh God,” Mu Xin cried out, “Rumors truly cannot be believed.”

“Silly girl,” Mrs. Jier smiled lovingly at Mu Xin, “Rumors of course cannot be trusted.”

From Mrs. Jier’s attitude toward Mu Xin, one could see that she liked Mu Xin. But… Song Wuyou looked around the opulent room in the overly spacious villa. Other than the servants, she didn’t see Mu Xin’s so-called boyfriend.

She wondered if Cheng Junguo treated Mu Xin well… In her past life, her younger sister-in-law was a very kind and sincere woman. Born of an official minister’s household (but not in the least spoiled) after marrying her brother, she took took care of her parents and treated everyone in the family well, nothing to complain about.

Every time Wuyou visited her parents they would praise brother for marrying a good wife. The last time Song Wuyou saw her was before she was sent to the Cold Palace. After that, most of the messages she got were from rumors outside. When Mu Xin was seven months pregnant, the Song Family faced a catastrophe and were killed, affecting even her younger sister-in-law’s family. Thinking of this, Song Wuyou felt extremely guilty inside. All of it was because of her. She was the one to blame, the one who brought on disaster upon her innocent family. Seeing how Mu Xin resembled her younger sister-in-law, Song Wuyou couldn’t resist wanting to be good to her, hoping that in this life her life would be filled with love and happiness.

“Wuyou, what are you thinking about?” Mrs. Jier teased, seeing how Song Wuyou went into a daze while staring at Mu Xin.

Song Wuyou covered her gaffe easily, smiling naturally, “Mu Xin is very beautiful, there’s a very unique temperament to her.” All girls like to hear they are beautiful, but when the compliment comes from another beautiful woman, happiness gushes from their hearts.

Mu Xin smiled sweetly, a little shy, “Please don’t praise me so much, I will be proud.”

Mrs. Jier smiled, her gaze affectionate as she said, “I liked Mu Xin very much, from the very first time I saw her.”

“Aunty, I want to see you wear the qipao Mrs. Gu made before the actual day.” Mu Xin walked over to Mrs. Jier, hooking her arms around hers affectionately, carrying a trace of a spoilt child.

“No problem. I will go and change now, let you admire my new qipao.” Mrs. Jier looked at Song Wuyou, “Wuyou, have a seat, drink some tea first while I go change.”

Song Wuyou nodded, “Okay. I brought my sewing kit, so let me know if you need adjustments.”

Mrs. Jier laughed: “What a considerate child,” and went to change into the qipao Song Wuyou made.

On Mrs. Jier, the qipao looked even better than on the mannequin, bringing out its uniqueness. Other than praising it as beautiful, Mu Xin didn’t know what else to say.

When Mrs. Jier came out wearing the qipao, Song Wuyou’s eyes lit up. At that moment she felt Mrs. Jier could carry any style of qipao.

“Eldest Young Master.” At this time, Mrs. Jier’s eldest son, Cheng Junhua returned, being greeted respectfully by the servants.

Cheng Junhua looked focused, walking in in steady steps. When he saw Mrs. Jier, the sharp look in his eyes brightened, “Mom, you bought new clothes?”

His low yet clear voice attracted Song Wuyou’s attention. Coincidentally, Cheng Junhua spotted her.

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