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Chapter 226: A Hairpin For Me…

Meeting Cheng Junhua’s sharp eyes, Song Wuyou subconsciously frowned a little. Instinct tells her that this is not an amiable character.

Similarly, an indiscernible light flickered in Cheng Junhua’s eyes upon seeing Song Wuyou. He could sense that this woman’s temperament stood out from the others in contradiction to that pretty little face of hers, but that her deep quiet eyes gave others a different impression, because the way they looked at the world was so impassive.

Mrs. Jier spread her arms out, making a graceful twirl. When she stopped she faced Cheng Junhua and asked, “Junhua, what do you think?” a

Cheng Junhua looked at Mrs. Jier, complimenting her, “It’s very beautiful, suits your temperament very well.”

“Wuyou designed it especially for me.” Mrs. Jier smiled happily.

“Wuyou?” Cheng Junhua’s arched up a single brow, a question in his eyes as he turned sharply toward Song Wuyou: “Gu Yanhao’s wife, Song Wuyou?”

Song Wuyou nodded: “Exactly.”


Mu Gu rode hard and fast on his horse one lap around the ranch, slowing down at the same enormous statue in the middle of the fields. Both his hands held the reins, while the gentle breeze tousled his hair. His eyes narrowed as he stared at this Leaping Over Dragon Gate sculpture.

Last time, Song Wuyou suffered serious injuries because she crashed into the sculpture. Mu Gu’s line of sight gradually shifted to the spot where Song Wuyou had lain as the scene replayed again in his mind. Her face grimacing in pain, bearing a different melancholy… that desolate, hollow despair, calling out Dongfang Xuan’s name in her feeble voice—

Jia—Jia— the sounds of a horse galloping sounded behind him, approaching closer and closer to him.

Xu— a white horse stopped in front of Mu Gu, and the person riding it was Mu Xin. Mu Xin was still dressed in the same clothes she wore at Mrs. Jier’s villa this morning.

“Brother, I saw Sister Wuyou this morning in Junguo’s house.” Mu Xin sounded enthusiastic.

Hearing the name ‘Wuyou’ pulled Mu Gu, who was lost in thought, back to the present. Veiled behind the thick lashes of his peach blossom eyes, his pupils darkened.

Sister Wuyou? This term sounded so intimate. Mu Xin is friend with Wuyou now? Mu Gu wasn’t surprised at all that Song Wuyou would appear in Mrs. Jier’s residence. He already knew Song Wuyou was helping Mrs. Jier to tailor some qipao in recent days.

“You face is all red from excitement. Did Song Wuyou give you some pleasant surprise?” Mu Gu flipped his hair, resuming his usual sunny cool big brother ACT in front of Mu Xin.

“Did you know? The person who gifted me with that unique dress was Sister Wuyou! I was so foolish at that time. the card already stated ‘No worries and carefree’, but even then I failed to make the connection to her.” Mu Xin chattered on cheerfully, “Sister Wuyou also said that she has a hairpin she wants to give me, She will send it here to the ranch when she’s free.”

An expectant light sparkled for a second in Mu Gu’s warm peach blossom eyes. Song Wuyou wants to come to the ranch?

Seeing how Mu Gu didn’t show much reaction after hearing that the dress was given by Song Wuyou, Mu Xin asked, “Brother, you’re not surprised?”

Mu Gu raised his lips in a gentle smile at Mu Xin, “What’s to be surprised about?”

“That fashion competition first place winning design was created by Sister Wuyou, moreover, it was made by her personally step by step. You’re not surprised?”

Mu Gu remained nonchalant, “What’s there for me to be surprised about? The one who should be surprised is Ah Hao.”

“Sister Wuyou is so beautiful, and friendly to boot. It was right for Brother Ah Hao to marry her.” Recalling Song Wuyou’s grace and smile, she couldn’t help but get immersed in her new idol. Truly a goddess. She wasn’t close to her before this. Most of the things she knew she’d heard from Song Jiuyue. Purely based on what she heard, at that time, Mu Xin really did not like Song Wuyou. But now, after spending some time with Song Wuyou, her view changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

Watching that expression on Mu Xin’s face, as if she was about to fall in love with Song Wuyou, Mu Gu chuckled lowly, “You used to whine in front of me, asking why Ah Hao married her and not Song Jiuyue.”

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