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Chapter 227: “You Seem To Like Mrs. Gu A Lot.”

Mu Xin gave an embarrassed laugh, “Wasn’t that because I hadn’t met Sister Wuyou in person before?”

Mu Gu looked at her warmly, “Now that you’ve met her, you like her very much?”

Mu Xin nodded her head profusely, “En, en, en! She’s really beautiful oh~~!”

“Wuyou don’t have a lot of friends. Since you like her so much, invite her over to play when you’re free,” Mu Gu said.

“En, we exchanged WeChat contacts, and phone numbers too.” Mu Xin exposed an impish grin, “Sister Wuyou said she likes riding horses and archery. Hehe, her hobbies are exactly like mine. I will grandly invite her to come play at the ranch one day.”

A faint smile remained on Mu Gu’s lips while looking at Mu Xin. He has rarely seen Mu Xin showing such goodwill to another woman to the extent that her face was all red with excitement. Not even Song Jiuyue.

“Brother, I’m going back.” Her thighs exuded pressure over the horse beneath her. With a low neigh, the horse galloped forward, leaving Mu Gu behind.

Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes narrowed as if pondering something as he watched Mu Xin’s silhouette grow smaller as she rode further away. A long time later he looked away, and at that moment he caught sight of the sculpture once more. His hands gently flicked the reins and the horse beneath him raised its head and started to trot forward.

On the way, they ran into the ranch supervisor who was watching the workers cutting grass. Catching sight of Mu Gu coming over, he hurried over to salute: “Young Master!”

Mu Gu pulled the horse over to a stop, coldly ordering the supervisor, “Go arrange for that Leaping Over Dragon Gate sculpture demolished.”

The supervisor was stunned: “What?”

Mu Gu’s sharp eyes swept over the supervisor, “Do you want me to repeat it a second time?”

The supervisor quickly nodded in compliance, “Subordinate understands! Subordinate will immediately arrange for people to demolish it!”

Young Master specially hired people to sculpt that Leaping Over Dragon Gate statue, and it was only ready last year at a cost of several thousand. It has yet to reach a full year, and now Young Master wants it demolished.

In fact, that sculpture looked impressive.

A low-key silver Rolls Royce parked in front of the Cheng’s luxurious villa.

The window rolled down and the man looked out, watching Song Wuyou and Mrs. Jier’s amiable interaction, laughing as they talked. An indistinguishable light flickered in the pair of obsidian black eyes.

Two women of different generations, yet both exuded a similar dignified grace.

Mrs. Jier sent Song Wuyou all the way to the silver Rolls Royce, greeting the man in the car cordially.

Gu Yanhao nodded. He turned to Song Wuyou, and in his low but clear voice he said: “Get in.”

After bidding farewell to Mrs. Jier, Song Wuyou got into the car. The moment she got in, Gu Yanhao’s slender body leaned over, bringing with him the hard-to-resist male pheromones crowding her sense of smell.

Song Wuyou shifted back slightly. Seeing that Gu Yanhao was only helping her put on the safety belt, she turned away to hide her embarrassment, smiling at Mrs. Jier while indirectly catching a glimpse of Cheng Junhua standing behind Mrs. Jier. Dressed in military green uniform, he was looking in their direction with a kind of sharp gaze.

Seemingly looking at her, yet also at Gu Yanhao.

Song Wuyou frowned, an indication of displeasure at Cheng Junhua’s penetrating gaze that seemed as if it was capable of seeing through everyone.

The car drove away. Only when the car disappeared from view did Mrs. Jier retrieved her gaze, turning back toward the villa with obvious reluctance. At the precise moment she turned around, a faint hint of sadness showed in her eyes, but when she saw Cheng Junhua in front of her, this faint sadness was hidden quickly, as if it wasn’t there in the first place. Mrs. Jier flashed Cheng Junhua a graceful smile, asking in a gentle voice, “ Are you going out?”

Cheng Junhua’s sharp and assessing gaze seemed locked onto Mrs. Jier, “You seemed to like Mrs. Gu a lot.”

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