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Chapter 23: A Mysterious Feeling from Ancient Past

Though the original host possessed a certain degree of drawing talent, the ability or talent did not transfer over to fashion designing.

For the original host, most of her time had been used in concocting plans on how to obtain Gu Yanhao’s favor, how to catch his attention, and how to become his woman.

Even during class, the thoughts of him took precedence over learning. In the end, she had failed to get into University.

After marrying Gu Yanhao, all her energy had been spent on thinking how to get rid of all the women around him, and how to get his love and care.

To get his attention, she would argue with him on big and trivial matters. Then, after the arguments ended she would cry by herself in secrecy… precious time had been wasted away just like this.

After finishing school, she aspired to be like Song Jiuyue –– to work in Gu Group. Sadly, Gu Yanhao did not share the same thoughts.

Which led her to blow up in a jealous rage every time she saw Song Jiuyue and Gu Yanhao appearing on television together with Song Jiuyue proudly parading her winning trophies.

Naively, she had declared in front of Gu Yanhao’s face that she would exceed Song Jiuyue. She even enrolled in a fashion design training class and stayed there for half a month.

With thoughts full of Gu Yanhao, she had not been able to concentrate in class, and in less than two weeks, she was already tired of the classes.

In that half a month spent she had not even learned the basic techniques, not to mention having the ability to sketch out a complete design.

Now that Song Wuyou wanted to draw out the clothes of her era, only now did she realize the difficulty level was a bit high.

She drew one page after another, yet none was to her satisfaction.

At this point, she was exhausted. She looked up at the mirror, staring at her own reflection with a stricken expression.

She truly felt pity for the original host. The woman possessed such exceptional beauty that was paired with an underdeveloped mind.

All day long her head had always been wrapped in the bubble that is Gu Yanhao, of course, her own attitude was also a major problem. Without so aspects lacking, how could she ever hope to get Gu Yanhao’s attention and love?

Even Song Wuyou herself did not approve of the original host’s personality….

Gently rubbing her aching temple, Song Wuyou continued to draw.

Half an hour had passed, her drawing finally looked somewhat close to a design sketch.

What she drew was the first set of dress that ruthless man had gifted her in the previous life.

She had been disguising herself as a man and fought alongside him in the raging war. It was a full eight years from the last time she had put on a dress.

After conquering the land, he personally had given her a set of female dress, telling her to wear it during the celebration feast.

Holding the clothes he had given her, her heart felt sweeter than honey. She put it on that same night, and it was truly beautiful.

When she wore the dress and appeared in front of him in the celebration feast, she had made everyone present dumbstruck….

Song Wuyou still remembered the way he had scoured her, a tinge of burning of desire surged in his eyes, accompanied with longing.

However, in the next moment, he announced his marriage with another woman, even bestowing the position of the Empress to that woman.

As for her, she had been reduced to a mere concubine….

The one who had fought for the land with him was herself. She had taken care of him when he was injured, she had been the one who bore the swords and arrows that came his way. The who with a body full of scars had been her, and the one who deeply loved him was also her……

At the end of the journey, his glory and wealth, his love and favor, even the position of his Empress were for another woman.

Even so, she had accepted it. But he just had to believe that woman’s words, and framed her, shackled her with a chain of crime she did not commit, and shoved her and her nine familial connections towards the butcher’s knife…

Recalling these painful memories, her right hand that was holding the pen exerted such great force which only keep increasing within every second as if she willed it to break.

Emerging in her mind was that ruthless man and that woman’s smiling faces on their wedding day. Immediately, Song Wuyou’s eyes turned cold, aggrieved, and filled with hatred….

Suddenly, sounds of steady footsteps came from the doorway.

Song Wuyou turned around, alarmed.

Gu Yanhao, dressed in a black suit from head to toe, was standing at the doorway.

The soft white light fell on his body, adding a mysterious charm similar to that person in the past, the same face from an era long gone by.

That noble indifferent bearing was akin to an Emperor, oppressive merely by his presence alone.

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