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Chapter 231: The titles are always spoilers! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Song Wuyou’s face burned at the hint in his words, “Gu Yanhao, can you be more wicked?”

Gu Yanhao answered with all honesty, “Can. For you, I will courageously walk further down this wicked path.”

“Courage your head, I’m already full!” Song Wuyou picked up her handbag, indicating she was ready.

“Bill.” Originally, Gu Yanhao wanted to give Song Wuyou a romantic performance, but her tepid reaction toward the ring made Gu Yanhao afraid her reaction would stray further than his imagination, or maybe even laugh at his performance. He was afraid of the discomfit his heart would feel if she rejected him…

After he paid for the bill, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou left the restaurant. Gu Yanhao was about to tell her to wait here while he drove the car over when his eyes suddenly turned cold. Without another word, his hand grabbed Song Wuyou, pulling her into his chest, both arms protecting her while both of them swerved to a corner and laid on the ground.

Song Wuyou had yet to register what was happening when a piercing ‘bang’ sounded in her ears.

Song Wuyou stiffened. what noises was that? A gun?

Bang—! Another shot rang out.

Pedestrians on the street panicked on hearing gunfire and started to run for safety in a haphazard manner.

Bullets continued to fly, raining down around Gu Yanhao. Holding on to Song Wuyou, Gu Yanhao rolled on the ground, dodging the pursuing bullets. One after another bullet hit the concrete ground but Gu Yanhao just rolled away, sending friction sparks to the air.

Bang, Bang—!

Gu Yanhao flipped over, protecting Song Wuyou behind him, while his other hand gripped on his own pistol, aiming at the top of a building on opposite street.

Bang, Bang—! He released two shots in that direction.

The pedestrians on the streets became more chaotic, screaming and running all at once in every direction. A few people who were shot while running blindly were now lying in a pool of blood on the street.

Song Wuyou looked at him nervously from the back, and then her gaze turned toward the people who were shot, her brows deeply creased.

“AAhh…!” Not far away, a girl fell to the ground, shot.

Song Wuyou quickly looked over. The girl was around ten years old, with blood flowing endlessly out from her chest. Song Wuyou’s eyes narrowed. Jumping to her feet. she ran to the little girl’s side.

“Little girl!” Song Wuyou carefully lifted the little girl off the ground.

“Hurts….” The little girl’s bright eyes were fearful, “Hurts…”

She came out from a snack shop with Mommy, and Mommy said to wait here while she gets the car. Hearing gunshots, she was so terrified that she startled to run like a blind bat….

“Don’t be afraid, I will send you to the hospital!” Song Wuyou used one hand to exert pressure on the little girl’s chest, at the same time forcing herself to calm down.

After Gu Yanhao forced the person on the other side off, he turned around to see Song Wuyou was no longer behind him. He tensed up, eyes scanning around like a hawk for her silhouette. When he spotted her looking at him while holding a little girl in her arms, he sprinted over to her side.

Song Wuyou cried anxiously, “She’s hurt, quickly send her to the hospital!”

“Let me.” Gu Yanhao reached out, wanting to take the little girl from Song Wuyou, when he spied a red laser beam aimed directly at Song Wuyou’s back.

Gu Yanhao panicked slightly, for one of his hands was halfway under the child, lifting the girl, while the other hand was holding a pistol. He took a large stride forward, pushing Song Wuyou away with his body. The pistol in his hand was already shooting at the source of the red laser light.



Song Wuyou stumbled ofF balance. Before she could regain her balance, another two gunshots echoed, one somewhere from her front, another right beside her ear, and then with a muffled bang a bullet entered the flesh.

Song Wuyou was alarmed. Quickly turning around, she saw Gu Yanhao’s body staggering and off balance as he took several steps back.

“Gu Yanhao!” Song Wuyou rushed to his side to hold him steady and make sure the little girl in his arms did not fall. There was a small hole on the chest of Gu Yanhao’s crisp white shirt, red blooming right before Song Wuyou’s eyes, dying white into bright red. Song Wuyou, ashen,  “You got shot?”

Gu Yanhao stood firm, not showing the slightest emotion or pain even after getting shot. Using the hand that held the pistol to wrap around her waist, his sharp eyes checked her body once over, his voice low as he asked, “Are you injured?”

“No!” Song Wuyou shook her head. Staring at the wound at his chest, her heart bled and felt pained.


Title: Gu Yanhao Was Shot!

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