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Chapter 232: I’m Still Alive and Well, What Are You Crying For?

“No!” Song Wuyou shook her head in despair. Staring at the glaring red on his chest, her heart was gripped with fear and pain. He was wounded, yet his first question was whether she was alright? If he hadn’t pushed her away in time, the person shot would be her.

Gu Yanhao smiled, his lips curving  up at a charming angle, “It’s good you’re not injured.”

Song Wuyou’s heart ached even more looking at his wound.

When her eyes fell on the little girl in his arms, she urged almost frantically, “To the hospital, quick!” The little girl had fainted in Gu Yanhao’s arms.


Song Wuyou, the little girl’s family, as well as other victims’ family members paced back and forth outside the operation theatres.

The little girl’s parents cried while hugging her younger brother. Hearing these people crying, Song Wuyou felt uncomfortable. She took a seat on one of the benches. Although she looked calm and composed on the outside, her nerves were like a rubber band stretched close to breaking point.

Recalling that the wound on Gu Yanhao’s chest was due to protecting her made her fingers dig into her palm. Even knowing that he was shot on the right side of his chest where it wouldn’t hurt his heart didn’t stop her from feeling worried. If the bullet hit the lungs, or burst one of his major arteries…

Song Wuyou raised her eyes, a near manic gleam in her eyes as she stared at the light of Gu Yanhao’s operating theatre.

Will he die?

Will he leave her?

Song Wuyou pursed her lips into a thin line, suppressing the myriad of emotions that threaten to spill forth. If he dies, how will she live in this world? She had been postponing the signature on the divorce papers ‘cause… she didn’t want to leave just like this. She just reached this world, with no one she could trust, no friends she could rely on—

If he dies, the only person she has a connection to, her resentment, her sustenance will disappear with him—

The clothes on her body were stained with his blood. On the way to the hospital, the blood flowed endlessly from his wound… So much blood… Did the bullet hit his major artery? The more Song Wuyou thought, the more afraid she became. Inevitably, she thought of her past life.

Once, Dongfang Xuan led several subordinates and snuck into enemy territory, wanting to learn the topography of the place so they could form a more feasible attack plan while she waited with apprehension in their camp for them to return.  On the second night, her waiting finally bore fruit. Dongfang Xuan returned, supported by his subordinates with an arrow stuck in his chest. At that time Dongfang Xuan was barely conscious, drifting in and out, blood flowing nonstop from the wound on his chest. The same spot where Gu Yanhao was shot.

The arrow did not hit any fatal point, but the arrowhead was smeared with poison.

To clear all the poison in Dongfang Xuan’s bloodstream, she and the military physician made several deep cuts on his palms, and with the help of several soldiers, kept applying pressure so that his poisoned blood would flow out quickly.  After the physician pulled the arrow from his chest, she was so anxious and worried. Not caring about anything else, she used her mouth to suck the poisonous blood from his chest, again and again, until the blood flowed a clear red.

Even though he was delirious, he objected to her actions. This action put her at risk. One careless moment, if she swallowed even just a little of the poison she held in her mouth, she would die faster than him.  But she didn’t care at that time. The only thought that kept running through her head was that he couldn’t die. If he died, what should she do? She dared not imagine, and refused to accept the days without him at her side. How would she live out the rest of her life…?

They had been inseparable since childhood, growing up in the same village. She, disguised as a man, joined the army and fought beside him in every situation until the day the other soldiers found out she was actually a woman. Even then, she still stayed with the army. They have never been separated—

Finally, the skilled physician found a detoxification herb and made a concoction for Dongfang Xuan, fully dissolving the poison in Dongfang Xuan’s body. However, because of severe blood loss, he fainted on the bed.

Hearing that he was finally out of danger, she finally broke down, crying her heart out in front of the fainted him. The physicians and soldiers quickly excused themselves from the tent upon seeing this.

The weakened man lifted his hand, gently caressing her head. Feebly curving up a smile on his pale white face with his terribly cracked lips, he said “Silly girl, I’m alive and well, what are you crying for?”

Song Wuyou lifted her face grievously, “Do you know how worried I was?”

The man looked at her, full of love: “I know.”

“Why weren’t you more careful? If something happened to you, what should I do?”

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