ENH C233

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Chapter 233: I Won’t Let You Live Alone

The man’s gaze was gentle, “As long as you’re safe and sound, I will not let harm come to myself.”

Song Wuyou choked on her tears, “What if I’m not here anymore one day?”

The man’s eyes darkened, “We will not be separated.”

“When will this war end?” Suddenly, Song Wuyou missed the time they spent during their childhood.  In that life, they need not worry when the other might fall on the battlefield.

“Regret you joined the army with me?” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes narrowed.

Song Wuyou shook her head: “I don’t regret it!”

She firmly grasped his hand, looking at him with all seriousness, “Promise me! No matter what the situation is, you must live on for me! I really went crazy just now. What should I do if you’re no longer with me? I’d rather not live if you’re not here!”

A warm smile crept up Dongfang Xuan’s face, “Silly girl, I will not let you go through the pain of living your life alone.”


Tears fell like a torrent on the hands resting on her thighs. The expression on Song Wuyou’s face was woeful. Raising her gaze, she stared dazedly at the operation theatre doors.

Dongfang Xuan, you said you would never let me experience the pain of living my life alone….

You ‘gave’ me death, but did you ever think that I’m going through life without you in another world? If something really happened to Gu Yanhao, then, she, in the realest sense, would be living her life alone. Without someone who loves you, or someone who you love….

Receiving the news of Gu Yanhao’s injury, Mu Gu raced all the way from the ranch to the hospital, regardless of the time or other people’s safety, speeding past red lights. Arriving at the hospital, he dashed up the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator, disdaining its speed.

The first thing that entered his eyes was Song Wuyou sitting with her back straight as an arrow. His steps halted when he noticed Song Wuyou’s pale face and the two lines of tears that streaked down her face.

He stood rooted to the spot, watching her. That sadness, that helplessness, that obvious loneliness written on her face—

It pained him, greatly. The hands at his side clenched tightly to suppress the pain that struck his heart. Stormy waves replaced the usual sunshine in his peach blossom eyes. He felt an impulse to rush to her side and embrace her, hoping to provide some warmth to that fragile frame, some sense of security.

Still, he held everything in. It was some time later, when he had his emotions under control, did his long legs stride over to her. Sitting down beside her, Mu Gu offered her a handkerchief.

Song Wuyou was stunned when a handkerchief was suddenly inserted into her view. Her head turned slowly, taking in the handkerchief owner’s face.

Mu Gu smiled at her, speaking in a slapdash manner to lighten her mood, “Wipe your tears, even your snot is dripping all over the floor.”

“Thank you.” Song Wuyou took the handkerchief, and wiped her tear-streaked face.

Pain flitted in Mu Gu’s eyes.  Looking at Song Wuyou, he comforted, “Ah Hao will be alright.”

“Hope so.” Song Wuyou’s voice sounded dull and hoarse.

Mu Gu stared at her for a few second before taking his eyes from her face, shifting over to the other side at the little girl’s parents and other grieving victims’ relatives. “Theirs also haven’t come out?”

“Not yet.”

Just as Song Wuyou answered, the operating theatre performing the little girl’s operation opened. Song Wuyou quickly looked over.

The little girl’s parents jumped to their feet. The father grabbed at the doctor’s arm, asking “How is my daughter?”

The doctor informed him with a pained expression .”The bullet hit her heart, we’ve tried our best.”

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