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Chapter 234: Compensation

The man’s hand trembled although the rest of his body seemed frozen in place, his bearded face showing unbearable agony.

“What?” The little girl’s mother screamed, falling to the ground as heart-wrenching sobs came from her throat.

“My precious daughter ah, wuu wooo~~~!”

“Mommy shouldn’t have left you alone to get the car, shouldn’t have….”

Song Wuyou heard what the doctor said from where she sat. The news dismayed her. Her barely dried tears flowed again because of the little girl’s departure.

The little girl was … so beautiful. An innocent life gone, just like that.

“It’s your fault!” The little girl’s mother suddenly pointed and screamed at Song Wuyou, indescribable pain turning into raw anger as grim-faced she ranted, “It’s you! You killed my only daughter!”

Song Wuyou expressed dismay  as she faced the mother. The woman climbed up awkwardly from the floor, lunging toward Song Wuyou. Mu Gu’s line of vision dropped to follow the woman’s actions. He raised an arm to block the woman while the other hand directed Song Wuyou behind him in a protective stance. He looked sharply at the woman, “ Your child is gone. I can empathize with your pain, but you cannot blame Wuyou because of this. She, more than anyone, did not want this to happen.”

The woman screamed relentlessly, not letting Song Wuyou off, “She’s the reason my daughter is dead!”

“I’m sorry.” Song Wuyou rarely apologize to anyone this way. Her voice choked even as she walked out from behind Mu Gu, bravely facing the mother, “I’m very sorry something like this happened. This was not something I wished to happen. I can understand the anguish of losing a daughter, but all I can do now is to compensate you.”

“Compensate me?” The woman half-cried/half-shrieked, “How are you going to compensate me? Can you let my daughter breathe again?”

Song Wuyou spoke with guilt and sincerity, “I’m not an immortal. I do not have the ability to make your daughter come alive again. All that I can do is only to compensate you with money, five million. That’s the best I can do.”

When the woman heard the figure, her body shivered subtly, then she fell once again to the floor, crying – but she did not attack Song Wuyou again.

It was the same with the man. When he heard five million, something flashed in his eyes, a complicated feeling flashed passed his face.

When the other families heard Song Wuyou agree to compensate the little girl’s mother, all of them clamored for their loss as well.

This put Song Wuyou in a difficult position. The money she earned from making qipaos for Mrs. Jier was only five million…

“Five million for every victim.” Mu Gu stated in a low voice as his eyes watched the people around him. Learning that they would each receive five million in compensation, all put on their best behavior, no longer making a racket.

Mu Gu looked at the little girl’s mother, “We are to blame that you lost a daughter. We’re truly sorry for that, and feel bad ourselves. The dead cannot be resurrected, and we hope that you can be strong. I will compensate you five million as well. Adding to Wuyou’s five million, you have a total of ten million.”

Hearing this number, the crying mother’s sobs halted abruptly as she raised her head to look at Mu Gu in astonishment.

Song Wuyou also looked at Mu Gu, dumbfounded. Doesn’t Mu Gu need to take out a lot of money to pay for these compensations?

Mu Gu turned around, giving her a reassuring look, “Don’t feel sad. My people and Ah De are investigating the matter. The people behind this will definitely be caught and punished by law.”

“That compensation money….”

“Don’t look down on my sheep; the money I earn is more than Ah Hao.”


The doors to another operating theatre opened.

Song Wuyou and Mu Gu looked over; it was Gu Yanhao’s operating room.

Subconsciously Mu Gu held Song Wuyou’s hand as they walked over. Song Wuyou frowned slightly, pulling back her hand. Only then did Mu Gu realize what he’d done.  He was shocked. He could still feel the temperature her hand left on his skin, and the softness of her hand lingered…


Editor: Ocelot

E/N: I had to walk away several times while editing this. I was in an accident and someone offered me money for something that could not be replaced. In court, I just wanted to say that they’d robbed me, and I wanted them to be punished – but the punishment the court gave was paying money. I felt like a ghoul discussing money for something priceless. Did anyone else find this chapter awkward to read?

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