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Chapter 235: Absolutely Will Not Let You Live In Loneliness

“Doctor, how’s my husband’s injury?” Song Wuyou urged anxiously.

“We’ve removed the bullet from his body. Fortunately it didn’t hit a vital spot so he’ll be fine after some rest,” the doctor explained after taking off his face mask.

Song Wuyou heaved a huge sigh of relief as her hanging heart instantly fell into place after hearing this.


Gu Yanhao was transferred to the VIP room. In accordance with his stubborn personality, he was definitely a difficult patient who refused to stay in hospital,

all to maintain a strong, infallible, and cool image in Song Wuyou’s mind.  However, under the Mu Gu and Song Wuyou’s persistent pressure, he would, albeit reluctantly, stay two days in the hospital. The truth was, he did feel weak due to excessive blood loss.  His complexion looked normal, just his lips were slightly pale. At the moment he was leaning weakly against the headboard of the bed, a gloomy expression on his face as he glared at Mu Gu who was smiling with schadenfreude.  Mu Gu was laughing at him for throwing a tantrum, refusing to be warded.

“Get out if you want to laugh!” He can laugh as much as he wants outside.

“This is the first time I get to see you in such a weak position.” The corners of Mu Gu’s lips couldn’t resist curving into a smirk, taunting his best friend.

“Do you want to take a picture as remembrance?” Gu Yanhao asked, the threat in his voice obvious.

“Of course…” but dare he?

Gu Yanhao wisely decided to ignore this rotten friend. Lowering his gaze, he looked at Song Wuyou, sitting right in front of his bed.

Noticing her pale face, his voice softened: “Worried about me, distressed because of me?”

Song Wuyou shot him a fierce glare, “Not worried, not distressed.”

A low chuckled came from Gu Yanhao, “You’re not speaking from the heart. Your eyes are so red, you must have cried.”

“That’s because I wasn’t able to sleep. My eyes are red because of tiredness.”

“Don’t tell lies if you don’t know how to,” Gu Yanaho frowned as he endured the pain from lifting his arm. Covering her small hands with his, he said “I know you were worried about me.”

Feeling the warmth over her hands, Song Wuyou looked at him grievously, “Why do you ask if you already know?”

“I wanted to hear it from your lips.”

“…..” She won’t ever say it.

“Were you scared?” Gu Yanhao asked.

“Afraid of what?” What was he referring to?

“Me dying.”

Song Wuyou’s heart shook. Afraid, yes, she was afraid.

Her lips pursed into a thin line as she chose not to answer Gu Yanhao’s question directly. Instead her gaze shifted to his wound, “Does it hurt a lot?”

Although the woman in front of him didn’t answer his question directly, he saw the answer he wanted on her face.  His lips curved at a deeper degree as his hand moved to her shoulder and rubbed gently as if comforting. Song Wuyou merely looked at him without uttering a sound, but she also did not reject him.

“Not painful.” Rubbing her shoulders, he stated, “You expression tells me you were worried about me, afraid that I would die.”

“…….” Was her expression so obvious?

She glared at him, “Must you say everything out loud?”

Gu Yanhao laughed a low laugh; she still loves him like she did before.

“Silly woman, I won’t abandon you.” Gu Yanhao’s soft voice was like music to the ears.


“As long as you’re alive, I’m alive. I won’t let you live in loneliness.”

“………” Her heart trembled. Without meaning to, the memory of Dongfang Xuan promising that he will never let her live alone flashed in her mind, tugging at the pain in her heart even more.

A light flickered in Gu Yanhao’s eyes,  “From now on, I will never let you feel lonely and helpless ever again.”

His words startled Song Wuyou, and she looked at him coldly. His face, and Dongfang Xuan’s face swirled in her vision, making a mess of her mind and heart.

There was a faraway look in Gu Yanhao’s eyes, as he stared deeply at Song Wuyou, “Absolutely will not let you live in loneliness.”

“Ah…..” Suddenly, a sharp pain pierced Song Wuyou’s heart. Earlier when Gu Yanhao was in the operation room, she recalled the time when Dongfang Xuan was wounded with poison arrow, and now Gu Yanhao uttering those words to her, her mind was tangled in a mess. Losing control of her emotions, Song Wuyou broke out crying.

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu: “………………….”

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